Splinterlands Day 2: Building a Budget-Friendly Deck

Ok, after winning a few matches with the free-to-play account, I’m hooked. I purchased my spellbook yesterday and made it to Bronze III. It’s time to figure out how to progress further.

Let’s get serious and figure out how to build a budget-friendly beginner deck in Splinterlands.

My Current Status in Splinterlands

Currently, I’ve invested $10 for the spellbook to unlock quests and the real game. I finished my first day in the game with a 12-17 record and received the daily chest rewards. After watching a ton of tutorial videos, I’m pretty confident I can build a decent starter deck for a small budget. I just bought 30K credits for $30. Let’s see if I can manage to put together some decent cards and deck for the price.

Let’s Build a Budget-Friendly Deck for Splinterlands

Ok Big disclaimer here, I have NO idea what I’m doing. I have a friend that gave me some good advice and watched a ton of Youtube Videos.

Splinterlands Youtbers

Bulldog1205 (https://www.youtube.com/c/Bulldog1205) has been a ton of help. He has a few videos dedicated to beginners. While the prices he quotes in the video are way out of date, it gives me a good idea of what type of cards to look out for.

Crypto Simplified (https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoSimplifiedOfficial) also has some videos on Splinterlands that have been helping me pick my first cards.

Do you guys have any other favorite YouTubers that I should watch?

What am I going to do with my $30 Splinterlands Investment

Here’s a breakdown of my initial spending that will hopefully get me out of Bronze III. You need 1000 power to reach Bronze II. The only way to increase power is through owning or renting cards.

Unfortunately, owning cards is insanely expensive right now. So I’m probably gonna rent a few higher-quality cards and purchase any deals I can find.

I’m also going to invest in Quest Potions. These grant you 5 additional loot chests every time you complete your daily quest.

7500 credits ($7.50USD) on 10 quest potions. Buying 10 gives you 1 bonus potion for a total of 11 quest potions.

Sandworm Lvl 1 card at 710 credits ($.71)
Creeping Ooze Lvl 1 card at 2920 credits ($2.92)
Epic Pyromancer Lvl 1 card at 3370 credits ($3.37)


My Beginner Rental Cards.

Here’s what I’ve rented so far while trying to build a budget Splinterlands deck. Each rental is 30 days.

Gold foil Goblin Mech for 458 credits.
Common Chicken for 1158 credits
Wood Nymph for 23.67 credits


Total Spent on Day One: $20.23 leaving me with $9.77 in credits remaining.

Day 2 Splinterlands Results

Well, let’s just say using some rental and purchased cards made a huge difference. I went 5-0 clearing my daily quest to win 5 matches using Life Splinter. Rewards for winning plus the quest potion includes 2 Common Sandwom cards and over 200 DEC!

While this is not financial advice, I would recommend spending a few dollars to progress your account. It can go a long way and help you gain levels quickly. It made winning matches much easier. I finished 24 matches in Bronze II with a record of 17-7 today which is a huge improvement over my attempts yesterday.

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