Splinterlands Card Giveaway #265 -- Win a Free RARE Card!

Hi all,


Welcome to my giveaway!
I believe we don't have enough giveaways, as this is one of the best ways for newer players to have access to some cards.
Having participated in some in the past, I can tell you it feels great to get the lucky ticket 😜
After 50 successful card giveaways, I’ve upped the rewards! Check them out in the following picture and feel free to join!

Gifted Cards

Here are the cards you can choose from in this giveaway:



Rules for this giveaway:

  1. Comment on this post what card do you want from the ones in the picture
  2. If your Splinterlands username is not the same as here, put it in the comment
  3. You don't need to upvote, follow or reblog, but is greatly appreciated (such as beer, pizza, luv, etc.) and will help increase the rewards of future giveaways
  4. Your reputation level needs to be 25 or higher, and a single comment per Splinterlands account will be eligible

The winner will be chosen using http://filoz.info/picker/ and will receive the chosen card in the following 24h.


The winner of my giveaway #264 was @pedrobrito2004. Congratulations! Enjoy your card!


Additionally, I will be awarding an extra card to @gregory-f and @stayoutoftherz due to how much their support helps this and future giveaways -- thank you and I hope I'm worthy of your continued support in these giveaways!

Thanks for participating, good luck, and stay safe!

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