Obsidian & Mycelic Morphoid vs Obsidian & Mycelic Morphoid

Obsidian & Mycelic Morphoid vs Obsidian & Mycelic Morphoid.png

Obsidian is one of my favourite summoners, and Mycelic Morphoid is a little guy I use a lot. I was really excited then, to see that this pairing was available to me to be able to get involved in the Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge.

Let's start with the meat of my team, my summoner, Obsidian:

Straight away - you'll see that this is a card I've invested in. I play this card Level 3, which is about where you need for in the SILVER league. Ideally I'd upgrade her to Level 4 - but, with the cards I play her with, there wasn't yet an advantage in that upgrade (but soon, very soon!)


Her best asset is her +1 MAGIC ATTACK for each magic card on her team. This is a truly powerful weapon, as it can potentially add up to +6 Magic attack over the six cards you choose to play.

She does cost $3.45 per card, and I feel she probably deserves a higher price. Given her usefulness in the lower leagues, I think she will become a go-to card in the future and once CHAOS LEGION packs are sold out, I'd expect her price to mature nicely - particularly as combinations occur and her circulation decreases.

Yet - funnily enough, I choose in this battle not to play six magic cards, but rather, to start with my Mycelic Morphoid out the front. He's a dangerous little fellow, and mine is golden!


There's a lot to like about these little guys - the #1 feature of them is their low mana - at a cost of 1, they're practically free! But, when you follow it up with THORNS - this card has some real potential to hurt an opponent - particularly since his thorns are more dangerous than his own attack. But - when he's out front, he's there as a bit of a shield - often robbing an opponent of their strong first attack!

Let's have a look at the battle rules!!


This is a good ruleset for Obsidian battles - the Earthquake is problematic, because it will seek to take my low health magic attack cards out quickly. However, the additional armour will give me some additional longevity. My strategy then is to use magic to hurt my opponent, and come up with a quick win. I will play a flying card at the rear of my attack in order to be able to protect him, and give him the opportunity to bring home a win.

The rest of my team:
0 Mana Fungus Fiend - another shield, if my Mycelic Morphoid drops, the Fungus fiend continues to give me protection.
3 Mana Djinn Bilkja - he has a magic shield, which will make magic hits on him take reduced damage. I put him ahead of the:
5 Mana Mushroom Seer - whose silence ability will lower my opponent's magic attack by 1, which will mean he won't be able to damage my Djinn - unless he has 2 magic to start.
5 Mana Regal Pyrton - this guy will have 2 magic attack, and his flight will keep him safe from the Earthquake. I would predict all the cards in front of him to fall and he will eventually take the tank position.
3 Mana Screeching Vulture - a good flight card at the rear of the team, he will just do minor damage, but that's OK. He'll also act as a rear shield for my Regal Pyrton.

Let's look at how the battle gets underway.


Now - you can see we're playing a very similar team. We have lots of similarities - the biggest difference here is he is playing the mycelic with SHIELD as his third card. My opponent has a great team here, and a lot of protection from the EARTHQUAKE. Particularly as his SHIELDED card will only take 1 damage per round from the EARTHQUAKE. My only pathway here is to expose his Mycelic to my magic attack and to drop his health.

And this is how the battle looked at the end of Round 3: This is game on!


At this point, I was nervous - depending on the way the hits were exchanged, either of us could win. You see - if my Regal were to die, my vulture would only be able to hit my opponent's Regal Pyrton with his melee attack, while he would die in 1 hit from magic. At this point - it's tight, showing our strategies were very similar.

And then, the battle was over. I was lucky to get the first hit in Round 5 - if my opponent took the first hit, he would have won. In the end, this was a winning outcome and a winning strategy - but, I would caution and say, it was just as good as my opponent, who equally, could have won quite easily.


Mycelic Morphoid - what a legend. This guy is great out front with his thorns and low mana. I have him at Level 3 with the golden card, but I would definitely pick up additional gold cards to up his level.
Obsidian - This was the guy who led me to my win, the magic increase in all my cards led me to a solid win by upping my magic attacks. You see, the additional magic makes my team incredibly strong - as low mana low attack cards become low mana high attack cards!!

In the future, the Mycelic Morphoid will contiune to feature in my attacks. Get ready for action!

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