For a few months, we have been on a Splinterlands rollercoaster of updates and changes. Some players are happy, some players are frustrated, or some just say "Okay!" like Chad (Pete Davidson) says in SNL.

Another Splinterlands planned update just popped up with the new season's start, this update divided the gameplay into 2 sections i.e. Modern and Wild modes. The latest game update gave players another way to fight their way through amazing battles in 2 different modes with 2 separate reward pools and shine in 2 different Leaderboards of ranked battles.

There are so many discussions about the new game mode and reward systems, but which is better and we'll discuss this today. And I'll also reveal the season rewards I received in the last season.


It's the same ol' battlin' mode we have in the game for ages, I mean to say that it is the classic gaming mode we have already in place. In Wild mode, players are free to use any card from any edition without any restrictions unless otherwise required by the ruleset or card requirements according to the league.

Competitive Battles: You will find more competitive battles in the Wild mode as it allows cards from all editions that can be played. If you own or rent some battleworthy cards this mode is for you to go by with.

Why Wild Mode? If you feel yourself a seasoned player, you own or can rent some tide-changing cards, this mode is definitely for you. Since this mode is prevalent in the game from the beginning, many players are familiar with this mode already, and obviously, no restrictions on the card's edition, what you own or rent can be used in the battle.

Extra Rewards: There are always some extra rewards for those who use Alpha, Promo, or Beta editions cards in the battle. So, this mode will definitely favor a player's R-Shares and earning bonus rewards.



Modern game mode is a honeypot for new players, use a good honey dipper to catch some cool rewards.

As far as I understand, this format is introduced to cope with the R-Shares issue and battle difficulty for new or casual players in the classic system after the new point-based system of rewards where using starter cards negatively affects the R-Shares of a battle.

What to Expect in Modern Mode: In this mode a player can only use modern cards associated with Chaos Legion and Untamed editions. Cards with Untamed and Chaos Legion style frames such as newer Dice, Reward, and Promo cards are also playable. All these cards are now called modern cards which this new model is named after.

Frame Types Used in Modern Battle Mode

These cards are widely available in the market and have a quite low rental and buying prices. Any new player can easily acquire some of the basic cards without much hassle.

The gameplay is fairly simple due to modern card sets but still competitive and requires some good strategy to win the battles.

Are Rewards Good? Since Modern Mode has its own reward pool, players are earning a good amount of DEC rewards as compared to Wild mode because this mode has fewer players and it allows more reward share percentage to each player winning any battle. We expect that in the future when there will be more new players the reward percentage will reduce according to players' participation.



It is a piece of good news for players that despite having 2 separate reward pools, these 2 different modes add Focus and Season points for each battle won in either format. Suppose, if a player wins a battle in Wild mode and then switches to Modern format and wins another battle, he will receive points from both formats contributing to Focus and Season rewards, which means a player can almost double its points by switching between 2 modes by winning battles in both formats.

Season Rewards: Your season rewards will be based on the last highest league achieved in either format, so don't worry about equalizing both modes leagues. If you are in Bronze I league in Wild and Silver III in Modern mode, your Modern mode league will be counted. :)



As we know that Splinterlands team is constantly making new changes to improve the gameplay and experience of the players and this process of evolution will remain in place for the betterment of the game.

This new update regarding battle modes is gradually revealing players' feedback towards this change, I expect a good amount of opinions will arise by the end of this season.

Generally saying, players are a bit happy to see this change, as they can easily switch to both formats according to their available cards and win/lose ratio. If a player does not feel comfortable with Wild Mode, he switches to Modern mode to achieve better results.

Overall, a good playing field for new players, who are struggling to achieve better rewards and return on their investments.

Wild West or Modern Fest, which one do you like?


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