Splinterlands adds challenges in battles and brawls to bolster the gameplay experience, as the difficulty level increases, it is vital to use cards with higher levels and helpful in countering the ruleset effects.

The new format of the battle challenge is all about rulesets, a player has to work hard to find a specific ruleset, build a workable strategy for the battle, and use the ruleset in its favor to win the battle.

This week's secret is to fight a battle with Armored Up ruleset, create a suitable team, and try your best warriors in the battle.


When a player fights a battle having an "Armored Up" ruleset, all monsters in the battle are buffed with 2 additional Armor points. The armor protects a monster against melee and ranged attacks, but monsters receive direct hits on health points if the attack type is magic, but monsters with "Void Armor" do not get affected by magic attacks hitting them directly on their health.

Additional Ruleset: Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity ruleset applies "Opportunity" ability on all monsters, now monsters can attack from any position to any enemy unit with the lowest hit points. Opportunity ability is a stealth maneuver that strengthens backline monsters' fighting skills.



I used a Life summoner and 3 life units and my opponent also opted for a Life summoner having 4 units in his battle lineup.

The table below is showing both my and my opponent's units:

ILTHAIN (Summoner) Mother Khala (Summoner)
Gargoya Scrapper Gargoya Scrapper
Pelacor Conjurer Blinding Reflector
Time Meddler Stitch Leech
- Celestial Harpy



My focus was to create a team of monsters that evade enemy melee and ranged attacks, so I added 2 monsters with Flying and Dodge abilities respectively. I boosted their Speed with a summoner that provided +1 Speed as a buff.

The most effective way in Armored Up ruleset is to use a monster with magic attack because magic attacks ignore armor and hit the health of the monsters.

Since all monsters have Opportunity ability in the battle, they will try to kill monsters with the lowest health first.

Summoner and Monsters in Action

Ilthain a summoner blessed with "+1 Speed" and "Return Fire" abilities, she not only adds value to evasion effect and early hit chance, but she also wraps friendly monsters with Return Fire ability which sends back a portion of damage to ranged attackers.

Gargoya Scrapper is used as a tank to consume attacks from enemy monsters, he can also be targeted by Opportunity monsters due to his low health.

Pelacor Conjurer is the best card to use in this battle because it has 4 Speed and Flying abilities. Conjurer has better chances of evading melee and ranged attacks, this means he can be a very effective monster to keep enemy monsters missing their hits when attacking him.

Time Meddler is placed in the last position, there are two advantages of him 1) his magic attack ignores armor, and 2) His Dodge ability has a 25% chance to miss the enemy's melee and ranged attacks.



You'll see Life vs. Life battle in this YouTube video, you'll find out how effectively my monsters evaded their melee attacks and came up with a victory.

This battle link will take you to Splinterlands website to observe this battle more closely with battle functions.



This 15-Mana battle lasts for 9 Rounds, pretty interesting huh? Because my monsters like to do an evasion dance party.

Round 1
Mother Khala shoots some bickering words from her old-ass mouth giving her units +1 health. Then beautiful Ilthain chants "Plus velocitatis quam damna remittere." All friendly units feel agile and focused.

Time Meddler starts the battle with his time-kill attack injuring Gargoya Scrapper so badly. Friendly Gargoya Scrapper also cries in agony after being badly broken by Harpy's attack.

Round 2
"Time-kill activated, Gargoya will receive fatal punishment." says Meddler after placing a tiny time bomb on Scrapper, after a few seconds, Scrapper blasts into a rubble and sand form.

Celestial Harpy draws her blue wings in the air, holds Gargoya's with her hands, and rises high in the sky, then she releases Gargoya from atop. Gargoya shatters onto the ground upon heavy impact.

Rounds 3 and 4
"Time-kill activated on Celestial Harpy, count down to death starts, 9, 8, 7,.. 0." says Meddler in a relatively calm tone.

Harpy's wings start to burn and she becomes another victim of the Time-kill device, her body lies on the ground like a half-roasted turkey.

Rounds 5 and 6
Now, Time Meddler focuses on Stitch Leech, she has the lowest health and can easily be killed.

Meddler readjusts his Time-kill device and calls a Time-drone to dismiss Leech. Time-drone enters Leech's gut through her mouth and detonates, her foul internal organs spew out like tiny worms, and now Leech is a dead weight.

Rounds 7, 8, and 9
Pelacor Conjurer suggests Time Meddler "Hey mate, use your best gadget against scumbag Reflector."

"Kay Conjo, activating Time-nemesis, 3 hit slicer, with each hit target will lose 1 body part."

Meddler removes the gear-shaped buckle, it starts to float in the air, each tooth of the gear turns into a sharp blade, it is whirling so fast. The first hit cuts off the arm of Blinging Reflector, 2nd hit removes his armored foot, and 3rd hit severed his head.

"Deactivating Time-nemesis, let's go home Conjo." utters Time Meddler with a smirk.



The idea behind this strategy was to maximize evasion to make enemy units miss almost every attack. This worked well because my selection of monsters was very precise, I chose monsters with higher speed values and their Flying and Dodge abilities were an added advantage. Although Speed does not stack with Dodge and Flying, it increased evasion chances up to 75% of enemy units' attacks.

When enemy units were trying their best to remove my units' armor, Time Meddler was slowly destroying their lowest health units 1-by-1. The magic attack is the best weapon against Armored Up ruleset unless the enemy units come with Void Armor and then odd becomes even.

If I stick again with this type of battle, I'll try to replace Pelacor Conjurer with Lensmaster, Soul Fiend, and Creeping Ooze, this life will give me 2 additional damage and also reduces enemy units' Speed.

How much do you like this strategy, if you think this strategy can further be improved, then we should discuss it in the comment section.


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