DEADLY ANTLERS OF WINDEKU (Weekly Battle Challenge - Cursed Windeku)

Those who die in Splinterlands battles might be able to join the Death realm and be reborn as undead. These foul creatures gain great lethal powers and their only aim is to make more creatures like themselves.

Death units of Praetoria and beyond do not know about empathy or mercy, they do what they like with a living being which is to send them to Death realm in a merciless way.

This weekly battle challenge brings a horrid undead thing known as Cursed Windeku. He looks pathetic and ready to rip his victims for pleasure. Anyone who touches them takes a severe injury, beware of his Antlers.



Cursed Windekus are jungle stalkers, they ambush innocent humans and other creatures in the darkest of hours, when they ambush their victims they make them faint and paralyzed.

They like to eat their victims warm and fresh, that is why they keep them alive, then drink their blood and devour their meat bit by bit.

They follow the lead of 'Lord of Darkness', he has given them abilities to heal themselves and slow their hunters' movements. This is how they survive in the harshest of battles and pose a fierce threat to those who come close to them.



Cursed Windeku is a rare beast from Death Splinter, his card requires 6 Mana for placement in a battle slot. It is counted as a powerful card because of low mana consumption, better Health & Speed, and a medium attack.

This card comes with a special ability called "Thorns", but when upgraded it gains "Heal" and "Slow" abilities, which makes it more powerful and hard to kill.


At level 1, this card possesses 2 Attack, 3 Speed, and 9 Health points, but when you upgrade it further, this card will gain more attack, speed, and health points. A fully upgraded Cursed Windeku card has 4 Attack, 3 Speed, and 11 Health points.

Special Abilities

Thorns ability causes 2 damage points back to melee attackers when they hit Windeku.

Heal ability replenishes 2 Health points each round when the monster loses any health due to damage taken from attacks.

Slow ability removes 1 Speed points from all enemy monsters.



Thaddius Brood (Summoner) Wizard of Eastwood (Summoner)
Cursed Windeku Mycelic Morphoid
Soul Strangler Failed Summoner
Silent Sha-vi Venari Scout
- Uraeus
- Goblin Thief
- Xenith Archer


(Holy Protection: At the start of the battle, all monsters will receive Holy Protection ability which will protect them from first hit in the battle.)

In this 18 Mana battle, I used 3 monsters with medium attacks. As my opponent found using Earth units repeatedly, I went for the Death element for that battle.

Thaddius Brood was used to reduce the magic and health of enemy monsters, but my opponent did not use any magic attackers in this battle, so Thaddius could only reduce their health points.

I placed Cursed Windeku as a tank to face frontline attackers, most of them were melee monsters, therefore Windeku's Thorns damage became an advantage against them.

Soul Strangler was placed at 2nd position, he did a nice job helping remove Divine Shield off frontline attackers. Despite his small health, he survived 3 rounds but then he became a victim of stealth monsters.

Silent Sha-vi was used as a stealth attacker, he was able to kill Xenith Archer with his sneaky attack, which also enhanced the survival chances of Windeku. He took most of the attack hits made by stealth monsters.

Battle Video
When you fight against a swarm of monsters with Divine Shield, the first hit does not make any damage to an enemy monster. But, with a good strategy, you can reduce their health and attack points and that makes a huge difference between a small team and a big team.

Watch this fierce fight between Earth and Death elements, where 6 monsters of Earth units are trying their best to knock down Cursed Windeku, but did they succeed? Find out in the YouTube video.

This battle link will take you to Splinterlands website, where you can watch this awesome battle.



Thaddius Brood's blood magic weakens enemy monsters and all of them lose 1 health point. The helpless Wizard of Eastwood cannot do anything as Death units do not use any physical armor.

Round 1
Cursed Windeku removes Divine Shield off Mycelic Morphoid leaving him prone to die soon.

A sharp crooked laugh is heard from Soul Stranger "h'h'h'a'ha'ha, die, die, you stenchy shroom from Last of Us."

Strangler strangles his soul with blood magic until Morphoid becomes lifeless.

Sha-vi also clears Divine Shield off Xenith Archer, but he gets wounded from hits by stealth monsters.

Round 2
Silent Sha-vi knows that his end is near, but he can save his allies from ranged attacks, so he makes an aerial attack on Xenith Archer, he rolls himself around her neck and pierced his sharp fangs into her head, so his venom can directly damage her brain. It took less than 2 seconds Xenith falls to the ground and gives her life spewing a foamy substance from her mouth.

"If my death has any purpose, kill those Earth bastards and avenge me." these are the final words of Sha-vi after he is attacked by Goblin Thief.

Round 3
Cursed Windeku extends his claws to Failed Summoner's neck and says "Death is sweet, blood is hot, meat is tasty."

Then he pulls Summoner's larynx licks it and enjoys warm blood.

Uraeus finds Soul Strangler helpless and injured, he lunges toward him and fills his nick with purple poison, and Strangler again throws an evil laugh but only to die.

Round 4
Cursed Windeku chokes Venari Scout's neck, lifts him in the air, and then presses it hard, with a splash of blood and flesh, Scout's torso drops to the ground while his head is still in the grip of Windeku's claws.

Goblin Thief attacks lonely Windeku from behind, but he feels that something pieces in his chest damaging his lungs and heart. As Thief backs away from Windeku, he saw some chest bones hanging on Windeku's horns, he dies of loss of blood and lung dysfunction.

Round 5
Uraeus's first attack on Windeku causes him to lose Divine Shield, and now Windeku rips armor protection from his slithering body.

"Uraeus, I'll decorate your skin around my antlers, come hit me." a grim voice comes from Windeku's stinky mouth.

Uraeus jumps towards Windeku's neck, he finds himself wrapped around his antlers, and as he tries to free his body sharp pointy antlers add 100s of cuts on his flesh.

After a few days, a dried-up skin of a snake shines on Windeku's antlers in the moonlight.



Tell us about your lineup.

I prepared this battle lineup to fight against magic monsters, but it did quite well against melee and ranged monsters also. Further details are given above in Battle Lineup and Strategy sections.

Explain why you put each card in that position and why they are a good fit with CURSED WINDEKU.

I used 2 other monsters to help Cursed Windeku kill the opponent's first-position monster. Soul Stranger did a good job for 3 rounds as he killed a monster and also helped in removing Divine Shield. While Silent Sha-vi removed Xenith Archer, which I think is a good advantage for winning this battle.

I would also give credit to my summoner "Thaddius Brood" who reduced the health points of the enemy monster and made it easy to win.

Did your strategy work?

It worked indeed, even though I had magic attackers in mind, but it proved good against melee and ranged monsters also.

What will you try differently next time?

What I'll try differently, I'll replace Silent Sha-vi with 2 low mana costing monsters, they can be Uraeus and Undead Badger or Life Sapper and Undead Badger combo.

Do you like CURSED WINDEKU? Why or why not?

I kinda like it when I fight against Earth and Fire elements in battles. I also like its Level 5 version when he receives 'Heal' ability, he takes damage and heals himself in each round.


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