Splinterlands is a game that keeps evolving and brings new updates every then and now, last week's weekly battle challenge is revamped as "Battle Mage Secret", a new format with new rules to share your battle post.

The new theme now asks for a specific task or ruleset, and the battle should contain that ruleset or requirement to be eligible to participate in Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge.

In this new series of the weekly challenge, we are given a specific ruleset Aim True, which means a battle must have 'Aim True' to present your battle in the challenge.


When a battle starts with "Aim True" ruleset, it applies "True Strike" ability to all monsters in that battle, which means all melee and ranged monsters will never miss their hit, 100% hit chance. This ruleset also applies to Magic monsters hitting the monster with "Phase" ability.

Additional Ruleset: Even Stevens

Even Stevens ruleset restricts the use of monsters having odd mana costs, so a player cannot use odd mana monsters. Monsters with Even mana cost can be used only in this ruleset.



Quix The Devious leads this battle with 5 Water units and 1 Neutral unit, I have used a dragon summoner but avoided using any dragon units.

Detail of the Battle lineup is given below in a table:

Quix The Devious (Summoner) Kelya Frendul (Summoner)
Wave Brood Diemonshark
Deeplurker Mantoid
Kulu Swimhunter Supply Runner
Merdhampir Deeplurker
Sea Genie Feasting Seaweed
Riverboat Captain Kulu Swimhunter



Players usually put ranged monsters in "Aim True" ruleset with heavy attacks, therefore I decided to use a dragon summoner with -1 Ranged Attack and -1 Speed to reduce enemy monsters' ranged attacks.

I mixed my battle lineup with all types of attacks to create a balanced team and get the victory.

One thing is more important here, that opponent's total damage is greater than mine, but with the help of Quix I have removed 3 damage points off the enemy ranged monsters. They have also an Armor advantage, but my team has upgraded monsters, this way my team gets additional health in totality.

Quix The Devious is a dragon summoner with -1 Attack and -1 Speed, he helps in taking less damage from ranged monsters and also reduces evasion and hit chances of enemy units.

Wave Brood is a Taunt monster and was placed as a tank in this battle. He is not a good attacker but his health allows backline monsters to sweep enemy units without getting hurt.

Deeplurker takes on 2nd position and attacks the monster with the lowest health first using his "Opportunity" ability.

Kulu Swimhunter is placed in 3rd position, he plays an important role in removing armor from enemy monsters, but he is also vulnerable to Snipe attacks.

Merdhampir takes 4th position on the battlefield, he possesses "Life Leech" ability, and when he hits a monster's health, he receives additional health equal to his attack hit. He is a very useful ally in combat because he keeps filling his health up and becomes a good tank if he reaches 1st position.

Sea Genie is in 5th position with a magic attack that can ignore armor and hit directly on the enemy unit's health. He can also evade some of the attacks using his "Flying" ability.

Riverboat Captain is standing in the last position, he is a mean captain and decimates his adversaries with ale bombs. Using his "Blast" ability this guy can do a little damage to the target and adjacent units. His magic damage also ignores armor.



It is a neck-to-neck battle between Water and Dragon summoners, both teams are very strong and it is tough to say who will win the battle. Let's watch this battle in this YouTube Video.

This battle can also be viewed on the game website by clicking here.



7 Rounds of an intense quarrel between 2 powerful adversaries starts with summoners' buffs and debuffs.

Round 1
Kelya Frendul murmurs some words in a strange language, his monsters receive +1 Armor and +1 Speed. Quix The Devious floats in the air and throws a cloud of magic dust on enemy units, their vision blurs and ranged monsters lose 1 attack point.

All monsters are in position and ready to charge, as the first round starts, Diemonshark attacks first. No one dies in this round, but Wave Brood and Diemonsharks bleed heavily after consuming all the powerful hits.

Round 2
"Death is just a new eternal life, don't waste my sacrifice.", these are the final words of Wave Brood, he stood tall so that enemies could be weakened.

Deeplurker shouts in a slurpy voice "An eye for an eye, die you pathetic creature, die.", he kills Diemonshark and avenges Wave Brood's death.

"In rough seas, I 'ave seen death 'n calamity, so be yer destiny, insect." says Riverboat Captain and bangs Mantoid and also injures Supply Runner.

Being low on health, Sea Genie becomes a victim of Feasting Seaweed, he chokes Genie to death.

Round 3
Supply Runner stands still and cannot do anything, his fate is marked with death when Deeplurker chews his head like bubble gum.

"I'll not regret my death by a kin, but glory be ours.", Deeplurker is in extreme pain and soon his kin another Deeplurker frees him from earthly pains.

Round 4
"Me bombs will burn ye down, ye hideous creature." yells Captain, bombs Deeplurker, and kills Feasting Seaweed.

Round 5
Kulu Swimhunter falls to the ground after hitting with a swordfish by an enemy Kulu Swimhunter, his lifeless tentacles wiggle even after death.

Merdhampir calls captain "Not to worry, I'll protect you, Captain, blast this ugly-faced fish.", then Captain nukes Deeplurker and makes him disappear from the face of the earth.

Rounds 6 and 7
"har har har, when ye be alone, ye better nah live. haha!" Captain laughs and repeatedly bombs Kulu, Kulu's mortal remains are scattered everywhere, just flesh and blood, nothing more.



This battle was not an easy win, but a win is a win after all. It is the strategy that wins the battle, if I have used another summoner, I might lose the battle, who knows?

The strategy worked nicely until the end, after removing Diemonshark, it was easy to finish the rest of the monster, the only problem was created by Feasting Seaweed who was attacking my low-health units.

Using Quix was the right decision, otherwise, all ranged attack monsters would have killed my units by 3rd round.

Aim True proved to be a blessing for melee and ranged attackers, as it granted every monster with True Strike, and all monsters punctured enemy lines without much problem.

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