CHOP BABY CHOP! VENARI KNIFER - Weekly Battle Challenge

Venari moles are known for their wits and wisdom among all #Splinterlands ranks, they adopt the environment and blend themselves with it accordingly. Due to their body structure which resembles a human-like body, they are counted as humanoids.

Splinterlands weekly challenge has brought us a cruel venari to be used in the battle, it is known as "Venari Knifer".


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Venari Knifers are the shadowy residents of Praetoria, they live in the 'Realm of Silence'. They are very famous for their thievery, contract killing, and various other criminal activities.

They use a very deadly 'Knifer Rig', which is attached to their backs, the shaft of the rig holds 6 robotic arms, and each arm is fitted with a sharp blade, this lightweight rig can easily be folded back when not in use.


Level 1 Level 10


Splinter = Earth
Rarity = Common
Card Type = Regular and Gold Foil
Mana Consumption = 6
Melee Attack = 2 up to level 2, 3 from level 3 to 9, and 4 at level 10
Armor = They can't use armor due to the deadly rig attached to their back
Speed = 4 at level 1, 5 from level 2 to 7, and 6 from level 8 to 10
Life = 7 from level 1 to 2, 6 at level 3, 7 at level 4, 8 at level 5, 7 at level 6, 8 from level 7 to 8, and 9 from level 9 to 10


Thorns Backfire



You can see both teams in the image provided below to look at the lineup I have used for this battle.


My team consists of 4 cards including a summoner.

  1. Wizard of Eastwood can reduce opponent teams armor by 2, he can help Knifer and Scout to hit directly onto enemy's flesh.
  2. Venari Knifer is the best fit for this low mana battle as a tank because any melee attacker can take thorns damage when he attacks Knifer.
  3. Khmer Princess has a magic attack, which can penetrate any physical armor enemy has.
  4. Venari Scout is an opportunist, with this trait he can attack any adversary who has the lowest health on the battle lines.

The opponent enters the battle with 6 cards, the summoner Mother Khala accompanies Gargoya Scrapper, Chaos Agent, Time Mage, Truthspeaker, and Celestial Harpy. The summoner gives +1 HP to all allies, whereas Time Mage reduces the speed of my team and Truthspeaker increases the armor of her team respectively.



This is an intense battle that runs for 4 rounds, and it feels that the opponent has an advantage of 2 cards in the battle. It is time to watch the battle video to learn how my strategy worked in this neck-to-neck combat.

Round 1
Mother Khala buffs up her allies with +1 HP, while Time Mage uses her magic to put my team in fatigue, then Truthspeaker tries to surround her allies with magical armor, but Wizard of Eastwood knows their plans and magically takes off their armors.

Due to the speed reduction, the opponent team gains an advantage to attack my team first. Gargoya Scrapper attacks Venari Knifer, but suddenly 6 sharp blades cut his different body parts, he falls to the ground in pieces, and Venari Scout shouts 1 down 4 to go.

Round 2
Knifer says it's time to sacrifice the goat, Chaos agent cannot do anything but sees his fate doomed. But things go uncertain for my team, when Celestial Harpy seizes the opportunity to attack Khmer Princess, she dismisses Khmer Princess.

Round 3
Time mage and Celestial Harpy both surround Knifer and weaken him, but he is determined to fight until his last drop of blood, fortunately, Harpy's wings stick in Knifer's blade rig, as she pulls back forcefully, she loses her wings and cries in great pain.

Round 4
Time Mage casts her flashing magic on Knifer reducing his HP to 1 only, but then Knifer commands his rig "Chop baby chop!", the rig starts to act like a crazy mincing machine, and the ground seems to be a pool of blood and nothing remains of Time Mage.

Celestial Harpy shouts I'll avenge you Time Mage, and spears her spiky feathered head into Venari Knifer's stomach, but she also receives cuts from Knifer's blades, they both bid farewell together and fall to the ground like enigmatic lovers.

Truthspeaker and Venari Scout are now facing each other, Scout shows no mercy to an unarmed opponent, he leaps forward grabs her neck, and with a cracking sound Scout break her neck and ends the battle with a loud cry "VENARI RULES OVER PRAETORIA FOREVER".


How Good is Venari Knifer

If we talk about the common cards, Venari Knifer is one of the best cards I have played so far in Splinterlands. As we saw in the video that he managed to survive till the last round.

It is a good card for low mana battles, with a little support such as Protect or Tank Heal from the backline, this card can be a lethal combination.

From level 6, this card gets 'Backfire' ability, and all other stats also increase, with enhanced capabilities he can even perform superbly in high-level battles.


I hope you like this strategic battle where Light Splinters seems a bit beefed up with special abilities. If you have anything to say, please leave your feedback in the comments section.


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