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Today's battle with the Diemonshark was a striking example of quality over quantity in Splinterlands. This morning, I went to play my first battle of the day and was given a twelve mana cap. I don't normally play with the Diemonshark, but was still aware of its pricey cost. I clicked on the Kelya Frendul summoner (as I pretty much always do), and was left with just enough mana to afford the Diemonshark. Will the lone Diemonshark beat the opponent? I had confidence that it would, and I was right.

My Game:

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Mana Cap: 12
Summoner: Kelya Frendul: I always choose this summoner when playing with the water element. I find the extra shield and speed helpful.
First: The one and only Diemonshark

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?
Having the Diemonshark play by itself against lower mana cards was a successful strategy. Since my opponent played with the fire element, the melee attack had to cut through the numerous shields of the Diemonshark. Also, since my opponent's cards had low health, they were knocked out easily, and the Trample Ability of the Diemonshark came in handy a couple of times. I think the battle went well and wouldn't try anything differently if given a rematch.

Do you like DIEMONSHARK? Why or why not?
When playing with the water element, I almost always default to using the Serpent of Eld as my front-line card. I choose it for the Dodge Ability, shields, and strong melee attack. However, I can see why someone would also use the Diemonshark as their front-line card. Even though I don't typically choose the Diemonshark for my battles very often, I still think it's a valuable card.

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