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I was happy to discover one of my favorite cards as the subject for the Share Your Battle weekly challenge. The Regal Peryton is one of my favorite cards to use when playing with my favorite element: Earth. It's also one of the cuter monsters among the Chaos Legion. It looks like a friendly winged creature I'd stumble across while walking through a whimsical forest. I imagine myself feeding it some berries from my hand. Then, I'd accidently step on a twig, which would send it galloping away with its quick speed. It has decent health and great agility, which is why I use this card a lot.

My Battle:

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Mana Cap: 25
Summoner: Obsidian: I chose this one for the +1 magic, since three of my cards had magic attack.
First: Mycelic Slipspawn: I put this one on the front lines to taunt the others, as it repeatedly gets restored by the Goblin Psychic.
Second: Regal Peryton: I put this one second so that I could also be restored by the Goblin Psychic once the Mycelic Slipspawn was killed.
Third: Goblin Psychic: I don't like to put it last, in case my opponent uses a Sneak Attack card.
Fourth: Mycelic Morphoid: I had one mana left, so I stuck this one in the back to absorb a hit from the opponent.

I became worried when I saw my opponent had a Pelacor Arbalest and strong Shieldbearer. It was the kind of game that kept me on my toes, as I didn't know what the outcome would be. Lucky for me, my opponent chose the Mother Khala summoner which provided them with extra health, instead of an extra range attack from the General Sloan. Had their Pelacor Arbalest had a stronger range attack, I probably would have been a goner.

The Flying ability also kept me from losing this battle. My Regal Peryton evaded many attacks during this battle, which I think also helped me win the game. Let's also not forget that I had help with the restoring effects of the Goblin Psychic.

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