Share Your Battle: Pelacor Arbalest (I Got Destroyed By My Opponent)

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I don't use the Life Element for my battles very often. I typically use it only if I have a very low mana range, or as a way to mix things up in order to throw my opponent off.

However, if the game is offering me a decent mana cap, I always choose the Pelacor Arbalest. This is because it has the Double Strike ability. Throw in the +1 range attack from the General Sloan summoner and you've got yourself a pretty powerful attack. The one downfall of the Pelacor Arbalest is its lack of health. If it's in the wrong place at the wrong time, it can easily be knocked out in one round. This is exactly what happened in my game today. I was only able to make one use of the card, and then it was knocked out by my opponent's Stitch Leech.

My Game:

Mana Cap: 21
Summoner: General Sloan: I chose this for the +1 range attack to enhance the Pelacor Arbalest.
First: Chaos Knight: By default, I always put this one first when I play the Life Element. The Shield ability, along with decent health and armor, make this one great to put up front.
Second: Celestial Harpy: I only had two mana left, so I chose this one for the magic attack. Not to mention, it has both Flying and Opportunity abilities.
Third: Stitch Leech: Another card I choose by default when playing the Life Element. I choose it for the low mana cost and Sneak ability.
Fourth: Pelacor Arbalest: Great for the Double Strike ability.


I was left pretty helpless in this game as my melee and ranged attacks had to cut through the extra shield provided by my opponents summoner. As two opponent cards used Tank Heal and Repair abilities to constantly restore the Shieldbearer on the frontlines, my cards were destroyed while theirs remained unscathed. They killed all of my monsters, while I killed none of theirs. Well played, Clarey1!

If I could change one thing about this game, I would have switched the Stitch Leech and the Pelacor Arbalest. That way, my opponent's Stitch Leech wouldn't have completely knocked out my Pelacor Arbalest in one attack ⬇️

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