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Mana Cap: 13
Summoner: Pyre. It was less mana than Tarsa. I needed to save all the mana I could for my monster cards.
First: Djinn Apprentice. I put this one in the front because it had the best health, and I figured it would stand a chance at being attacked the most.
Second: Serpentine Spy. I like this one for the Opportunity Attack ability and decent speed. It can still attack from the second position. The only downside is that it can be knocked out so easily.
Third: Goblin Fireballer: Since it has a range attack, I put it in the back.

This battle is a great example of why I rarely play with the Fire Element, especially if there's a low mana cap. Lately, when I have a low 12-13 mana cap, I go for the Death Element to use the Cursed Windeku; which is exactly what my opponent did. I knew I was screwed the minute I saw they had this card. If I were to replay this game, I probably wouldn't use the Fire Element at all. The Fire Element is the one I play the least because I've never been able to find a good strategy with it. However, I've had battles where I've lost to the Fire Element. So, I guess there are people who have managed to find a successful game plan with it. Have you been able to find a winning strategy with this element? Comment below ⬇️

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