Splinterlands today's share your weekly battle challenge is with "GEM METEOR". This is a new card for me as I have never seen or heard about this card. I searched the market and bought my first card to play my battle. overall card's stats look very impressive specially 4 speed is good at last position. "GEM METEOR" level 1 card only has 1 ranged attack but if upgrade to level 4 or 5 this card becomes unbeatable. I prefer to use this card in all mana fights as this card has only 5 mana. As my team in this battle is strong so I decided to use this card on 2nd last position. I used "The Kraken" as tank card having 4 malee attack and 14 health with taunt ability. In this battle I used one opportunity ability card. This battle was low mana 32 so I decided to use some strong back line cards. This battle was water vs dragon summoner.



The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.



As battle was low mana, so I decided to use opportunity ability card that could attack enemy's back line cards. I used "The Kraken" as tank with 4 attack and 14 health. On 2nd position I used "Tide Biter" 2 attack and 4 health with reach / reflection shield ability. On 3rd position I used "Deeplurker" 4 melee attack and 7 health with opportunity ability. On 4th position I used "Merdaali Guardian" with 5 health and tank heal / repair ability. On 2nd last position I used our today's spot light card "Gem Meteor" 1 ranged attack and 5 health. On last position I used "Furious Chicken" 1 malee attack and 1 health. I am very happy with my team and if my tank card survives then my other cards will destroy the enemy team back line monsters. Let’s discuss my team one by one.


The Kraken

I used The Kraken Legendary Water Unit as a tank card. This card has 4 attack and 14 health with taunt / demoralize and enrage ability. I used this card on tank position in all mana fights. This card is very helpful with taunt ability. In all mana fights it is the best choice for tank card.


Tide Biter

On 2nd position I used Tide Biter Epic Water Unit with reach and reflection shield ability. I always use this card in all mana fights because reflection shield and 2 malee attack and 4 health. Hope this card could do maximum damage to enemy tank card and wastes blast effects from enemy cards.



On 3rd position I used Deeplurker Common Water Unit. This card has 4 malee attack with 7 health but this card's opportunity ability is very strong. As all enemy monsters were busy in attacking my tank card so this card did maximum damage to enemy's back line.


Merdaali Guardian

On 4th position, I used Merdaali Guardian Rare Water Unit. This card has no attack but tank heal and repair ability is a strong point. As The Kraken needs such a card that could heal its health and shield on every turn.


Gem Meteor

On 2nd last position, I used our today's spot light card Gem Meteor Epic Neutral Unit. This is very useful card with 5 health and 1 ranged attack. This card also has high speed so this card attacks first on every turn. My card is level 1 but if i up grade this card to level 5 than it gets 3 ranged attack and piercing ability.


Furious Chicken

On last position I placed Furious Chicken Rare Neutral Unit. This card is very handy with 1 malee attack and 1 health. This is a filler card with 0 mana. So instead of leaving blank space put this card to waste some enemy's monsters attack.




So my strategy in this battle was very simple as my all hopes lied on my tank card "The Kraken". If my tank card survives till end and Merdaali Guardian heals its health and repair its shield on every turn. Hope my other cards could eliminate enemy's back line monsters. My opportunity card was very strong so it did some damage to enemy's back line cards. I think in this battle my opportunity card and healer performed well and hoped "The Kraken" could heal on every turn. Also hoped that my cards could not miss any attack and did proper damage to enemy monsters. Overall my entire back line cards did 4 malee and 1 ranged attack damage to enemy team. This battle lasted for 9 rounds.



My strategy paid off and my all cards performed well. Our today's spot light card "Gem Meteor" is a gem and performed very well and one must have this card in all mana fights. You can watch this battle on My Battle link. Hope you will like this Battle Challenge and I would love to hear your thoughts on my battle lineup in my post comments. Thanks

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