Splinterlands has changed its Share your battle challenge to BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge. So from this week our focus has changed from monsters to ruleset. In Splinterlands game every ruleset has some positive and negative points and certain level of expertise is needed to fulfill the requirements. This week's ruleset is Aim True that is easy and also requires some basic understanding of cards used in battle. In this ruleset attacks always hit their target specially ranged and malee attack. As in this battle monster with malee attack can not be used so my option was limited. So I decided to use magic and ranged attack monsters with high health. I used "Baakjira" as tank card having 12 health with void / slow / strengthen ability. In this battle I used 1 double strike ability card. This battle was high mana 44 so I decided to use some strong back line cards. This battle was water vs earth summoners.



  1. Attacks always hit their target.

  2. Monsters with Melee attack may not be used in battles.

  3. Non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage on every turn.



As battle was high mana, I decided to use heal, scavenger and double strike ability cards that can attack enemy monster cards. I used "Baakjira" as tank with 12 health and void / slow ability. On 2nd position I used "Djinn Oshannus" 2 magic attack and 11 health with void / phase ability. On 3rd position I used "Nerissa Tridawn" 3 magic attack and 9 health. On 4th position I used "Gelatinous Cube" 12 health with heal and scavenger ability. On 2nd last position I used "Venari Wavesmith" 2 magic attack and 4 health with protect ability. On last position I used "Axemaster" 2 ranged attack and 6 health with double strike ability. I am very happy with my team and if my tank card survives then my other cards will destroy the enemy team monsters. Let’s discuss my team one by one.



I used Baakjira Legendary Water Unit as a tank card. This card has 12 health with void / slow /strengthen ability. I used this card on tank position in all mana fights. This card is very helpful with void / slow and in high mana fight it is the best choice for tank card.


Djinn Oshannus

On 2nd position I used Djinn Oshannus Legendary Water Unit with void / phase ability. I always use this card in high mana fights because of 2 magic attacks and 11 health. Hope this card could do maximum damage to enemy tank card.


Nerissa Tridawn

On 3rd position I used Nerissa Tridawn Epic Water Unit. This card has 3 magic attacks with 9 health and very helpful in earthquake mode.


Gelatinous Cube

On 4th position, I used Gelatinous Cube Common Neutral Unit. This card has no attack and 12 health but this card's heal and scavenger abilities are very strong. So hope this card will increase health on every turn.


Venari Wavesmith

On 2nd last position I placed Venari Wavesmith Rare Water Unit. This card is very handy with 2 magic attacks and 4 health. This card also has protect ability. So this card gives extra 2 shields to every friendly monster.



On last position, I used Axemaster Epic Water Unit. This is very powerful card with 6 health and 2 ranged attacks. This card also has double strike ability. Hope this card's double strike ability would trigger on every turn and would do double damage to enemy tank card monster.




So my strategy in this battle was very simple as my all hopes lied on my tank card "Baakjira". If my tank card survives some rounds then hope my other cards could eliminate enemy's monsters. My heal and double strike ability cards are very strong so they can do some damage to enemy tank card. I think in this battle my magic ability cards performed well and hoped "Gelatinous Cube" could heal and scavenger on every turn. Also hoped that my cards could not miss any attack and did proper damage to enemy monsters. Overall my entire back line cards did 7 magic and 4 ranged attack damage to enemy team. This battle lasted for 3 rounds.



My strategy paid off and my all cards performed well. Our today's battle challenge "AIM TRUE" successfully completed without losing any card. In this battle earthquake ruleset also contributed a lot. My cards survived thanks to high health and heal ability. I liked this new change of weekly battle challenge from monsters to ruleset, so we can learn some new methods how to tackle enemy in some ruleset. You can watch this battle on My Battle link. Hope you will like this Battle Challenge and I would love to hear your thoughts on my battle lineup in my post comments. Thanks

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