My Intro into HIVE

Not sure if I posted in the right spot... Howdy fellow Hiver's. My names Josh. I am from a smaĺl(ish) city in Alberta, Canada. I am 33 years old, though I feel like I am 50. I got married at 21. 3 children and still married. I was introduced to Hive and Splinterlands by a buddy, @uglykillerpigz .
Growing up, I lived in Edmonton, Alberta. We didn't have much. My dad was on the road working for a moving company. We couldn't afford much for toys growing up, so we used our imaginations (like the good ol' days). Guns and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians. When we moved to where we live now, I became obsessed with collecting cards. Hockey (dad was intp collecting hockey cards) was my gateway into this dangerous hobby.
I collected Pokémon, YuGiOh, Digimon (had the entire set), and Magic the Gathering.
Lost them all growing up. No clue where they all vanished to.. (my poor Charizard)..
I am into playing video games. First Person shooters mainly, such as Call of Duty.. with the odd Minecraft.
I am not a blockchain smarty-pants, or a splinterlands guru.. but just some dude collecting digital cards and reliving childhood days.
I work for an Oil and Gas company, supplying the Oil and Gas industry with products to continue their drilling ventures. I did not graduate. Highest level of education is grade 11 (maybe).
I am eager to learn the ropes on hive and on splinterlands and hope to be a productive member for years to come.
Thanks everyone for reading! Until next time...

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