Blog #76: My Funny Experience of Playing Splinterlands

Hey Hivers!

I did purchase a Summoner's Spellbook 2 days ago. I paid it thru my hive earnings as they accepted cryptos as a form of payment. The processing only took few seconds and afterwards you already got your summoner's spellbook. Cool!


If you would ask me, "Am I a gamer?". Nope. I remember I only played tetris a few years back. I am not into game but because of this splinterlands hype it pushes me to venture.

As I got my summoner's spellbook I was so excited to play the game. Out of curiosity I immediately click the play now button but as I opened it I was confused at first because there were so many cards that I don't know which cards I am going to pick.

Since I was driven by confusion I opened the Splinterlands FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and had read it. I had also read how to play the games. I had also checked and studied the different types of cards. Oh man, it gave me so much headache afterwards since there were quite a few cards with the different mana, stats and abilities. I think I really need a mentor in order for me to win the game (haha).

By the way, I had also watched some tutorials in youtube so thanks to those passionate people. It helps me pursuing this game (lol).

I could not hold my excitement so again I clicked the play button. I would not be able to understand it thoroughly if I would not play the game so I tested it.

As a beginner, even I had already read the guidelines, I still don't know which card is good in order to win. As I created my team, I just pick anything as long as the mana would not be exceeded as it would not play if it exceeds. Today, I won 3 times but lost many many times. I could not even count my fingers the times I lost the game.

What's the secret? I asked my friend. Honestly, I felt great disappointment every time I lost the game. But I know, I should be patient. My friend told me, "Familiarize the cards abilities". Oh, there were many abilities meaning I need to familiarize them all.

I don't know if I was only driven by laziness today or I was just full of great disappointment because since this morning up to this writing I consistently lost the game, that's why I have lack of driving force this time to seriously study the cards' abilities. I ran out of patience and strength today so maybe I will continue my splinterlands journey tomorrow.

I hope someone outhere would also share their tips and tricks on this game. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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