Disgusting Rental Cancellation

Like most of Splinterlands players I rent cards to boost my power. I make sure that I rent up to end of the season. Even the prices are slightly higher than the usual, I just bite the bullet.

The disgusting thing is after taking some of your rent on the first few days, the card owner will cancel your rent when there are a few hours left till end of the season.

To the owner of my rented card (Chanseus the Great Gold: @imno), I will never forget your username and will never rent from you again.

With sky high prices during this end of season, I have no choice but to let my rankings go down. I encourage you guy not to rent ultra expensive cards during this time. If you want loot chest just buy azmare and untamed packs at secondary markets.

You are free to comment on your experience on this disgusting rent experience. Let us know the user name of those who are doing this so we can all avoid renting from them.

@splinterlands, pls do something.

On the other side of the pence, Here is the list of Owners who DONT CANCEL and honour their lease, and of course I reccommend them:

Thank you Guys! It is a pleasure doing business.

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