Why Are People Having A Hard Time With The Changes On Splinterlands...?

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So....Elephant in the room!

Splinterlands announced some big changes that will be taking place at the end of this season. If you did not get a chance to check out the post, be sure to give it a quick read here!

There's some fantastic commentary and posts already about the changes, and some people love it while others are up in arms about them...

So I figured, I'd give my 2 cents...And what's awesome about the news today, I actually learned something new about the game we all love so much :)

I Never Understood This...

So one of the changes will be the leaderboards and how you only will get rewarded according to the max level of the league you are in.

What's hilarious to me is that...I never even KNEW people were taking advantage of this. For me, everytime the option popped up to progress to the next level and climb the league....I did it!

I mean, for me it's a game and aren't we trying to get to the higher leagues???

Nope! Some people just stayed in the lower leagues and beat the crap out of newer players...They did this because it was quite lucrative. Not anymore.

Personally, I like the change because....I didn't even know you could sit around and pick on the little guys LOL

Play 2 Earn, Pay 2 Win, Play 4 Free....

I think what is so exciting about this game is that it's unlike anything out there right now. The Splinterlands team used the examples of Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone, but to me...It's so much more.

You see, the rewards are being nerfed where Bronze players are getting way less than before. Only 10% chance of getting a card and the removal of DEC. That sucks....If you look at this game as a play 4 free model.

But Splinterlands is not that. I think it actually combines all of these models and spits out what we have here.

Play 2 Earn - Elements of this are everywhere. The more you progress, the more you can earn through chests and rewards.

Play 4 Free - Sure, you can grind! It's rough. It might not be lucrative. But you CAN still progress, even more so now with the changes I mentioned above.

Pay 2 Win - And here...Is what makes Splinterlands unique. This is a blockchain game with an amazing economy within it. From DEC, to SPS, credits, guilds and the NFT's....You see, it's so much more than just a game.

So combining these models, you get Splinterlands!

And I think people are having a hard time with that because they come from each of these models, and are used to either or...But not all 3.

I like the changes, and I think this is part of the growth and maturity of this game. It's new and there will be more changes I'm sure. But that's what it needs to grow and attract everyone to this new model.

#GameFi is what the cool kids call it. And I can see how it has the potential to change things for online gaming....No matter what model you may be used to!

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