I'm Flipping' Crazy For Splinterlands!

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Tonight was....Flippin' great!

I decided to sell a card I've got a few of, and see what I could do with the DEC that I earned.....And I'll take you through my night, step by step and when it's all said and done....I think I came out on top :)

Dark Ha'on Sold


I don't really play a lot of Death Splinter, but I still had a few of these cards and as a Legendary it's got some power!

But when I do any flipping on Splinterlands, my only goal is to recoup and then profit when it comes to the DEC burn!

So Ha'on had a 1000 DEC burn rate.

Perfect, I got roughly around 14,000 DEC from the sale and then I was off to the markets....

Buying 3 Gold Foil Rewards Cards


At first glance you might laugh at these purchases, but then you look at the burn rates for each card. I ended up spending less than 20 dollars for these 3 cards and at 500 DEC burn each...

I'm up 500 DEC for my air drop points!

But wait...There's more!

I'm A Sucker For The New Rewards Cards Too


I know, I know...

These prices are at the top right now, and they're bound to go way down.

That's fine, but I decided to max out my first new reward card...

That added another 1000 DEC to my air drop points as well!

I also grabbed 4 of these to get it to Level 2...


Add another 400 DEC to the air drop total too!

Diesel Pools...You Sexy Beast You!

And finally, to add some icing on top of the cake, I have recently discovered Diesel Pools and the AWESOME pool that is...

Swap.Hive / DEC


So I withdrew 2500 DEC and added around 17 Hive to the pot and voila....

I should generate about 3000-4000 air drop points for providing liquidity to Splinterlands on Tribaldex.

So How'd I Do?

I spent about 70 dollars or so from the sale of the Dark Ha'on and ended up with a BUNCH more DEC and SPS air drop poiunts in the process...

1500 Gold Foils
1400 From New Rewards Cards

But you substract the 1000 DEC for Dark Ha'on from those totals and we get:

Approx. 1900 DEC burn to contribute to the SPS air drop.

Plus, add the roughly 3000-4000 air drop points I'll get from the Diesel Pool and you can see....

I might not be that flippin' crazy after all :)

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