How Did You Do On This Season's Rewards?

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So here we are...End of the season!

It's time for our rewards and with all the excitement of the new rewards cards, these chests were anticipated just a little bit more than normal.

At least for me....

I've been spending DEC this week too, to get the maximum amount of cards that I could for each daily quest, but I managed to reach Gold 3 this season!

Which meant...22 chests to open!


I logged into Splinterlands and began the opening process and here's what I pulled:


At first glance, I got that Gold Harvester!

So it's a nice pull regardless. Not the most expensive card on the market, but for me...It's all about that DEC Burn Rate!

500 DEC added to my collection!


I'm here for it!

Plus I heard that these rewards cards are almost out of print. Becuase I've been getting a lot of Chain Spitters, Demented Sharks and Harvesters this past week.

Which brings me to...

I'm getting no new rare, epic or even legendary rewards cards. From daily quests and now from the season's end :(

Which on one hand, is o.k. because I know how many of them are being printed, so going forward over the next few months I'll be able to generate them through daily quests and even season rewards.

But seeing everyone on Splintertalk this morning talk about and show off all the epics and legendaries they've been pulling...I'm jealous LOLOL

Regardless, I'm still pumped up for that Gold Harvester and can't wait to get into my daily quests tonight.

How did you do on your season rewards?

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