And Here We Go....The Chaos Begins!


In case you missed it....There was 'a thing' that happened tonight...


Arguably the most anticipated event in blockchain gaming history started about an hour ago and for the next 5 weeks, people will be stacking as much SPS and VOUCHER they can get...To take part in the 'Pre-Sale'.

After tonight, I have a much clearer understanding oh my approach to this pre-sale and how I'm going to tackle it.

But first, let's make fun of Jonny!!!

As one would expect, as soon as VOUCHER showed up in our wallets, the markets went crazy. Again, this is just a quick snap shot of what we are currently seeing and only about an hour after the pre-sale started:


As soon as VOUCHER was in people's wallets we saw prices sky rocket. Yours truly decided to try to buy a few and hopefully ride the price to the moon...

I might go down in history as the guy who bought VOUCHER for the highest price ever, as I ended up buying 2 VOUCHER for a whopping 38 HIVE each....

And guess who I bought them off of lol


Hey, at least I bought them off of my favorite Splinterlands content creator @bulldog1205 LOL

Seriously though, don't ever take investment advice from me, as you can see....I'm not that sharp...Or am I?

Who knows where the prices of these things go but for me...It's all about LONG TERM...And what happens if I open a pack using that VOUCHER and it gets me some slick new Legendary card?

That alone...Is worth it for me :)

But getting back to my plan....

I have a target and will know what I can expect over the next 38 days of VOUCHER drops and the entire pre-sale:

VOUCHER - 3.9 / Day from the @jongolson account
VOUCHER - 2.3 / Day from the @he-index dividend daily payment


O.K. but what about the cards?

If the prices stay the same for VOUCHER, which I'm sure they will pull back...I might not be getting as many pre-sale packs as I had hoped for.

However, let's just say they stay the same for this example:


My goal is to hit 100 packs, and get that little 10% bonus.

At around 6 VOUCHER a day, I should be able to hit my target in a few weeks. That's with nothing out of pocket for VOUCHER itself.

But if VOUCHER dips....Oh boy, I might try to go for the 500 packs. Legionnaire just isn't in the 'cards' for me as much as I would love to achieve that.

Still, I love how they have gamified the entire process of this pre-sale. And I know, there will be people that aren't too thrilled about it. No matter what approach they took, someone was gonna be upset.

So that's my plan....

The next few weeks should be very exciting here on Splinterlands and I can't wait to see where we all end up after these 5 weeks of VOUCHER stacking :)

What are your goals for the pre-sale?

And did you FOMO into VOUCHER like I did? LOL

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