A Day Filled With Splinterlands...


I have a schedule of 'buys' I do each and every day.

My daily cost averaging into SPT tokens is a must, so that's a no brainer for me. But I'm also looking for assets within the game.

Usually it starts with watching an @infidel1258 or @bulldog1205 video and seeing which cards they recommend. I've been slowly stacking a few of the new rewards cards because of them but have always have my eye on my darlings..

The gold foil legendaries!

A few weeks ago, I snagged both Harklaw and Djinn Biljka but Oshannus was out of reach...

However over the past few days I've seen him dip in price so...

I'm addicted and decided it was time to pull the trigger late last night:


I loved the comparison this guy gets to Phantom of the Abyss, and have really done well when I get him in a Water match. But for me, game play aside, it's all about those DEC Burn Rates baby!!!

Yeah yeah, it's not 50,000 but Im still smiling from ear to ear with the 12,500 I'm getting from him. And honestly, this card is so cool lol

But wait...There's more!

Then we get this update earlier today that a Doctor Blight NFT would be put up for sale. 100 editions of it, making it the rarest NFT on Splintertalk's marketplace yet....

Yup. I did it LOL


Edition # 42...And I picked that one because I'm a sci-fi Nerd ;)

(First person to respond in the comment about where that reference is from gets a gift from me too!!)

I have no idea what this thing will be worth down the road, but I'm all about the lore of this new edition and it feels good to be part of history.

My Splinterlands Day Wasn't Done Yet....

I enjoyed a live stream that was being hosted by the Nifty Show and guess who was a special guest ;)


If you want to check it out, and listen in on @aggroed 's talk, skip to around 43 minutes in. It was awesome to hear the game get such high praise and what blew me away the most...

This game has only spent around $40,000 in 3 year on marketing LOL

That shows how powerful this community is and I couldn't be more excited for the new players that will continue to join the 'Lands!

What an awesome day....

And oh yeah, messed around, did a daily quest and picked up a Launcher ;)


What a great day on the greatest blockchain game on the planet...But then again, I'm kinda of biased lol

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