Splinterlands Is Making Me ReEvaluate My Crypto Journey

Splinterlands Is Making Me ReEvaluate My Crypto Journey.png

Not a surprise, but the big news today was that SPS was launched and we're only a few hours away from the daily air drops of Splintershards!

In case you have been living under a bridge for the past few months, SPS is the governance token for the @splinterlands game.

Over the past few weeks, excitement has been building up and you can see it from the price of DEC to the value of the cards in your deck...It's been something to behold for sure.

And the way the SPS is launching, the 'pump and dumps' that seem to plague air drops might not even be a concern. If you have not yet taken a few minutes to review their whitepaper, be sure to check it now.

I'm sure you have read every post out there about the launch of SPS so I won't bore you with ANOTHER fanboy / fangirl account of the past 12 hours...

But I want to share with you the 'what if' factor that I'm currently being presented with:

25 cents & What It Means...

Right now, SPS is trading at around 25 cents. And it's been on a few exchanges now for about half a day at the time of this writing.


The big test will be tomorrow when we start getting the first of our daily air drops. What will the price do?

What's so unique about this airdrop that Splinterlands is doing is that you can actually earn MORE SPS by staking and accumulating more assets in the game.

So by selling, you actually could lose a big pay day tomorrow or the next. I think this is brilliant because it'll keep investors involved in the game and looking at buying more in-game assets over time.

Will the price go down? Or up?

Who knows...But...What if....

The Potential Of Making A Living Off Splinterlands

O.k., let me be crystal clear here...I don't think we are there..Yet!

But the entrepreneur in me, can't help but wonder...What if this really takes off?

Apparently the game is growing by leaps and bounds and it hit 1.5 million transactions on the blockchain today alone. So the potential for this to grow even more is there.

And of course, there is this....


(Stats via SplinterCards)

At the current prices, my collection in the game will earn me around 90 bucks a day in SPS air drops...And that's accounting for a few things:

  1. The price stays at 25 cents. Who knows where it may go...

  2. I keep the exact same amount of assets in this game and don't touch a thing...

Which brings me to....

I'm STILL In Accumulation Mode

A few months ago, I started buying up some cards in the game. I really didn't play it, but the idea behind an NFT collectible that has a use case was just too enticing for me to ignore.


It seems to have paid off...Because the price of these cards has sky rocketed. And because of that, I will be getting a healthy little SPS pay day every day for the next year.

But I have NO desire to sit back and relax at all...

In fact I plan on putting a little bit more attention to the game play and community.

  1. I've set up the @jongolson.spt account because I wanted to start creating content specifically for the game. I'm not 100% sure if I'll use it, or just get this account creating content for Splinterlands, but it's an option...And I'm excited to start poking around Splintertalk.io much more!

  2. I'll still be accumulating cards in the game. I think the prices of them might take a hit in the next few weeks as the excitement subsides, but who knows. Regardless, I'm on a mission to build an epic deck :)

  3. I'll actually learn the game LOL I know, this seems obvious but I've been enjoying some great content around the blockchain so far from Splinterlands players and creators and learning a lot!

  4. Daily quests are on my agenda every day now as well!

So yeah...I've caught the bug!

Splinterlands has captured my attention as an entrepreneur as well as a content creator. I believe this community and blockchain are set up for some MASSIVE things and SPS was just the kick I needed to dive in much more.

So I've got a question for you...

What are you most excited for when it comes to Splinterlands and the launch of SPS?

Not yet a player on the game?

You can join here and then let me know if you do...I've got a nice little surprise for ya ;)

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