Can Splinterlands Change Your Life?


Yes, I believe it can and has for many...

For me personally, it's done so much. From the air drops to the game play, the guilds to even integrating it into our Index Token project, Splinterlands truly has been....

Life changing!

And as the hype begins to swell for the upcoming launch of Chaos Legion, we're seeing over 400,000 new people in the past 30 days join in the excitement and many more headed our way shortly.

And this is when the entrepreneur in me starts asking questions...

What kind of businesses and services can be formed for the Splinterlands eco-system?

Content Creators

Absolutely! Not only do we have fantastic on-chain services like @threespeak and @vimmtv that help people share their passion for the game visually, we have an entire blogging platform with it's own token in Splintertalk!


If you love this game, you can create an entire business just from creating content about it.

Rental Businesses

The card rental market is BOOMING!

Even without the end of season rush, people are putting their assets up for rent and getting some very healthy returns from them.


It's like, all the benefit of owning real estate...Without the headaches of being a landlord lol Seriously though, once people learn how to maximize their returns and provide great value to the players renting the cards...We see lucrative businesses being formed.


This is kind of where I got started in Splinterlands! I knew nothing about the game, I'd never played a card game in my life...But I used to collect the crap out of my baseball cards.


And for those into NFTs and card collecting, this platform is pure gold!


It wouldn't be crypto or a blockchain based game without some good ol' fashioned trading opportunities.

For me, I'm pretty boring. Buy and hold! But for some, their entrepreneurial spirit begins when a card is low on the market and they scoop it up. Only to sell it for a profit!


Not always the more 'stable' of game plans but hey, people love it!


eSports is a thing! We're seeing it from the tournaments taking place every day here on the game. And it's not for chump change either.


(I actually won this battle lol Perfect timing!)

Whether it's ranked battles, tournaments or even guild play there are some people making a real good living...Playing the game of #Splinterlands !

Coaching & Consulting

While this hasn't been spoken of a lot I do see some Splinterlands players becoming coaches and consulting new players on how to maximize their experience in the game.

Nugget: If someone creates a step by step tutorial for Peakmonsters, I know it would be a SURE FIRE hit! I'd buy it lol

This I think has HUGE potential as Splinterlands continues to explode and attract new players that...May fall in love with the basics, but would be willing to invest in some 1 on 1 coaching to get better at the game!

Jon's Ideas...

Again, I'm an entrepreneur at the core and for me, I just love the thought of what 'may be' in the future of this game.

I can see, rental consulting services...I'm not sure exactly how it would work but people could create tutorials and training on how to maximize assets on the rental markets.

I could see...Daily fantasy esports for the game! I know this is around to some extent, but once player staking is here...Watch out. Imagine 'betting' on your favorite players in tournaments, etc.

Very exciting stuff!

We're seeing the @monster-curator team building a lucrative curation business along with Monster Market and the Card Auctionz team as well!

More and more 3rd party services will pop up I'm sure :)

We really are just getting started! And I know I'm leaving out so many different ways that entrepreneurs and players can potentially earn a living from this game.

For now though...A lot of us are just...Having a lot of fun!

And that's what makes Splinterlands so powerful. Because when you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!

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