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The new reward cards have given new Splinterlands players the opportunity to acquire cards with similar abilities compared to the older cards.

Another one of the new cards I couldn't wait to have in my deck was VENARI CRYSTALSMITH with just $0.59 I added this card to my collection a week ago. The price has gone up slightly though as it now goes for $0.62 currently.


We are looking a Rare Life Range monster with just 4 mana and health, a range attack of 1 and speed of 2 with Tank Heal abiliy. For a level 1 card I think it's got great stats to begin with. Getting it to level 4 will be awesome in getting more out of the range attack.
In a nut shell, am loving VENARI CRYSTALSMITH!


In a battle ruleset where all monsters get the enrage ability and melee monsters kept at bay range and magic monsters has got the battlefield to themselves.


Coincidentally GELATINOUS CUBE led the attack for both lineups.
The Scavenger ability makes this monster a favorite in battles where the main attack comes from the backline monsters.


PRISMATIC ENERGY in second spot provides the magic attack and with it's reflective
ability it becomes a monster that should be avoided by other magic monsters which is quite impossible, so it a situation of come at me and you will get what you asking for.


CORNEALUS in third place supplies attack from range while with the Heal ability to keep it longer in the battle.


Fourth place sees BILA THE RADIANT step in with magic attacks with Life Leach ability.


48 Mana for the battle was accommodating enough to get SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF in the battle with the Snipe ability.


This is where VENARI CRYSTALSMITH steps in at the backline to provide the much needed Tank Heal abiliy in a battle of this kind.
Keeping GELATINOUS CUBE in the frontline line was what the team need to perform at their best.
A collective effort with MVP to VENARI CRYSTALSMITH!

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