Chest Loot 22 September

Earth Quest was fun, there were battles where I cursed myself for putting out wrong lineups that caused me the battle but overall completing my quest wasn't much of a hassle as I continue to build a strong deck around my Earth Splinter.


Am quite happy with my reward to honest, as seen above I got LAVA LAUNCHER an Epic Fire monster, I like its ability as a Range monster to attack from first position.

Also in my chest was PELACOR DECEIVER a Death monster, VENARI HEATSMITH a Fire monster and an Alchemy portion charge.

Sweet rewards, may the sweet rewards keep coming our way I pray šŸ™

Enjoy my battle of the day as I defeated LIR DEEPSWIMMER and his monsters.

Battle Link


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Gif by @mariosfame

We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

Image by @doze

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