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Our great Brawl performance lately has come to a halt as we finished outside the top three for the first time since the last four Brawl if am correct. This time we came fourth, it is an outcome we wish was better but as Guild we are always striving to get better and put out our best performances. So we hope to get better performance and make our way back into the top 3 in the next Brawl.

Each participant was rewarded with 1800 Merits and 16.8 SPS.

I entered 8 battles which I won six and lost two, my performance continues to stay above 50% for the fourth consecutive time which I am hopeful stays that way as long as possible, though the bad days are going to come that surely can't be ruled out.

I had fun with this battle, a bit of similar strategy with both of us utilizing AGOR LONGTAIL. The battle could have gone either way as I couldn't tell if I will emerge victorious until the fifth round.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 11_28_2022 12_50_04 PM.png

RELENOR CLEAVER with Reach ability attacking from the second position was a strong contribution to the lineup, it managed to have the Bloodlust triggered making it more dangerous.
At Level 5 RELENOR CLEAVER would be an added force for friendly melee monsters with the Inspire ability especially when used with RIVER HELLONDALE.

PeakMonsters - Brave 11_28_2022 7_39_27 PM.png

I shopped for a Gladius Case with my Merits and got the above cards. And below are my daily Focus reward for the day.

PeakMonsters - Brave 11_28_2022 7_38_57 PM.png



We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

Image by @doze

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