Finally I started playing Splinterlands Game

It's been a long time since I joined Hive. Much remains to be known. But I have seen many posts talking about Splinterlands. This is a Hive blockchain game, but this one is a bit different. I was interested in it because it is different and exciting. I made an account about three weeks ago and will share what I have done in these three weeks. By the way, This is my first #Play2earn game.


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How did I find out about the game?

After joining the Hive community, I couldn't decide what to post about. So I was browsing my blog, trending, and hot feed and saw a reward-sharing post by @clove71. He got a good reward. And asked him about the game. Immediately he shared a website from where I could learn a lot. But still didn't plan to start playing the game. A few days after that, @clove71 helped with a post on how to do it. Also, I have seen many videos about the Splinterlands game on YouTube. He explains in his post how to earn through the Splinterlands game in various ways.


I read clove's post and made an account. However, I still hadn't bought the $10 spell book. First, play a few matches. But I found the game much harder than I thought it would be. And because I didn't have more cards, I couldn't win. I didn't play the game for a while because I was very disappointed.

My First Win.

1st wim.png

But after some time, I finally bought Spell Book for 10$ and took some card rent. After the first ten battles, I won a battle. After that, I slowly learned about the abilities of many cards and how to use them where.

First SPS Reward.


After buying the spell book, my daily quest was opened. The first Daily Quest was of Water Monster. I had a lot of trouble getting it done. I played almost 30+ matches on the first day to get one chest. I didn't play that day after getting a chest. In My first daily quest chest, I got 0.007 SPS.

Two Quest


2nd quest.png

The next day I took some more card rent to complete my daily quest, but I did not understand the daily quest task. So I played randomly. Today was the last day of the season. So I took many card rents and could go up to bronze 2. And I was able to fill up a total of 8 seasonal chests.

First Seasonal Rewards


In the First season I didn't play so many match but got some sps and 2 cards. I am happy with that hope that I will get many rewards this season like others.



1st pack.png


2nd pack.png

I have bought two chaos legion packs so far after signing up. I got a gold card in my first pack, which surprised me. And got a summoner in the 2nd pack. Summoner will help me a lot in battle. I have completed 75 matches and lost 50% of the battles. And got SPS in only a few matches.

I heard that the splinterlands game is one of the oldest games in the hive blockchain, but I don't have many ideas about this game as a new hive user. And I believe that still, something better is waiting for me in this game. I will participate in every splinterlands weekly challenge to learn more about the game. I will improve my gameplay day by day.

This is my first post for the splinterlands social media challenge and also my first post with the Peakd platform. I hope everyone will like this. And Lastly, Thank You to Everyone Who Visited My Blog.


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