🎁 6,300 DEC Giveaway! 💜🐉 Childseeker's War Contest #15


I'm publishing a serial fantasy novel in the growing Scholar and Scribe community! To celebrate and promote it: generous weekly(ish) giveaways.

The WINNERS from Giveaway #14 are listed at the end of this post.



This week, 7 lucky winners will receive 900 DEC each!

If you win, you can earn up to three spins on the 🎡 Bonus Prize Wheel! 🎡 This week's triple SCHOLAR bonus wheel includes:

  • 15 SCHOLAR tokens 5% chance
  • 10% prize boost (this prize stacks!) 5%
  • 1 Hive SBI 11%
  • 5% beneficiary on the next contest post 11%
  • 9 SCHOLAR tokens 11%
  • 50 DEC 11%
  • 6 SCHOLAR tokens 22%
  • 3 SCHOLAR token 22%



To enter, simply leave a comment in this post that quotes your favourite line from The Childseeker's War. This can be from any of the parts!


▶️ Here's a link to the start of the story.

📜 Here's a link to a list of all the story parts.

🔮 Here's a link to the story's glossary.


🎡 How to get Bonus Wheel spins 🎡

Each of these conditions or actions earns you one spin if you win the main draw (prizes stack).

  1. 📚 Be on The Childseeker's War readlist.
  2. ✒️ Be a member of the Scholar and Scribe community on Hive.
  3. 📣 Share any related The Childseeker's War content (including this giveaway) on non-Hive social media, and comment with a link to your social media post. First person to do this gets an additional free spin, whether they win the main prize or not!


Rules and other things

  • Upvotes / reblogs on this post or the story posts are appreciated, but not necessary for entry. Note: The Scholar and Scribe community account will receive 25% beneficiary from this post's payout!
  • Only one entry per account per giveaway
  • Deadline to enter = payout of this post
  • Seven winners will be chosen by random draw.
  • Winners will be announced in the next giveaway post
  • To claim a prize, you will need to respond to the winner announcement post
  • If you claim a free bonus wheel spin and land on the 10% booster prize, I'll spin again and apply the 10% bonus 😉
  • 💜🐉 Splinterlands is the crown jewel of Hive games... with Riftwatchers and Tower Defence on the way you'll want to stock up on SPS, DEC and VOUCHERS! Play Splinterlands here.
  • You can see the loose schedule for future giveaways in my story index post. Generally, they will occur weekly until the story's finished.


🎉 Giveaway #14 winners! 🎊

The following users win 150 WOO each!
Some users won extra prizes from their bonus spins.
❕❗ Please comment on this post to claim ❗❕

@wrestlingdesires (2️⃣ spins: +5 WOO +3 SCHOLAR)
@emaxisonline (1️⃣ spin: +6 SCHOLAR)
@relf87 (1️⃣ spin: +9 SCHOLAR)
@newsc0rpi0 (2️⃣ spins: +1 HSBI +3 SCHOLAR)
@lipe100dedos (2️⃣ spins: +9 SCHOLAR)
@plicc8 (2️⃣ spins: +5 WOO +3 SCHOLAR)

@joseal2020 shared Childseeker's War content on social media and earned a free spin: (1️⃣ spin: +1 HSBI!)

Participation acknowledgement
I'm keeping track of whoever enters any of these giveaways, win or lose... there's no announced grand prize event. But I am grateful for your involvement, so maybe near the end of this novel I'll find a way to further reward y'all 😉

Folks who (eligibly) entered giveaway #14: @twicejoy @emaxisonline @henruc @plicc8 @alex2alex @candnpg @amaillo @thoth442 @yeckingo1
@jonimarqu @thaddeusprime @relf87 @lipe100dedos @newsc0rpi0 @leemah1 @arc7icwolf @wrestlingdesires @myanmarkoko @joseal2020



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🔮 Story glossary (Updates as parts get published)
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📚 Readlist 📚

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Thank you for reading and participating! I own the license for all images in this post. Original cover art by jmz_creative. Follow me or the #childseekerswar tag so you don't miss new parts! I can also @ tag folks to alert you, just ask in the comments to join the readlist.

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