Javivisan's Daily Giveaway - Splinterland cards 2023-03-06


Welcome to a new edition of Javivisan's Giveaway

If you want to participate and win one of the cards in the Pool, just leave a comment in this post. Every day I will do a new giveaway.


I will add new cards to the Pool weekly with all the HBD generated by the posts. There will always be cards of all types of rarity.



The rules to participate in the giveaway are very simple:

  • To participate in the next giveaway you only have to leave a comment this post. Upvotes or reblogs are not required, but are appreciated.
  • You can only participate with the hive account you make the comment.
  • A card will be selected at random from all the cards in the Pool.
  • One account will be randomly selected from all those who have posted a comment on the previous post.
  • The winner of the giveaway will be published every day.
  • All HBD rewards obtained from the votes received will be invested in new cards that will be added to the Pool. I really recommend you to vote for each of these posts to make the pool prizes bigger.


Javivisan's Daily Giveaway - Splinterland cards 2023-03-05


The winner of this card is:


Your card has been sent! Congratulations!!!

All participants: @syel25 @arpuch @henruc @jats-0 @dk1trade @shawnnft @thebighigg @engilhramn @arc-echo @epearson @javeson @jaunellargo @jdike @emersonzomi @olaf.gui @bitandi @alexis666 @danideuder @fredkese @pero82 @rtonline @txrose @outwars @emeraldtiger @ladymisa @noctury @queen-silvia @blitzzzz @pulubengdugs @tinyputerboy


All accounts participating in the giveaway will be automatically added to the Notification List. If in the future you wish to be unsubscribed from this list, just type UNSUBSCRIBE in a comment.

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Good luck to all participants!!!

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