Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 139 // Tyrus Paladium

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This drawing of Tyrus Paladium card is mi entry to @splinterlands contest´s. If you want to participate here---> the original post.

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Este dibujo de la carta Tyrus Paladium es mi entrada al concurso de @splinterlands. Si deseas participar aquí---> el post original.

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Step by Step / Paso a Paso:




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First I drew by hand with black markers in white paper, later I painted with colors markers and colored pencils... Finally, I put some color dots in the background, for looks more pleasant.
Primero dibujé a mano con marcador negro punta fina, luego pinté con marcadores de colores y lápices de colores... Finalmente, agregué algunos puntos de colores en el fondo, para que sea más agradable a la vista.

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