Animated Pixel Art - 005 - Malric Inferno, the spectre of fire.


For 005 in the pixel art collection, I am developing I present to you Malric Inferno:


I used software on my PC this time, not my mobile, which helped me in the animation stages! This time around I chose to stick with the fire theme, after our last addition, Pyre. I was really enjoying learning to animate the fire and got kind of carried away here. With the eye motion, it almost looks like he's panicking, but I had to do something with the eyes as they were just starting into my soul! Check below for the steps involved in creating 005 in my pixel art collection!


For inspiration, I used the image on the lore page of splinterlands:

Malric Inferno 1.png

I haven't really used this page before but it's really interesting getting a bit of backstory on all our summoners!

For the first stage, I made the head and torso; using shading to try and get across how hench this guy is:


Then I started adding the fire to his head and below the waist:


Finally, I animated the arms, eyes, and fire; trying to give each meaningful motion:


Was a blast making this one, even if animating the fire was a little tricky! Learned a lot and that's the goal, hope you guys enjoy it!

The collection is growing!


Malric 96.gifPyre.giftyrus96.gifAlric Stormbringer.gifZintar M 96 2.gif

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