Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: Naga Fire Wizard

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This post is my contribution to the @Splinterlands
Weekly "Share Your Battle" Challenge: Naga Fire Wizard.

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Naga Fire Wizard Card Overview

EditionRarityElementAttackAbilitiesLow Buy
RewardRareFireMagicShield at Lv1; Thorns at Lv5$0.885 USD

Naga Fire Wizard Lore

The Flame Naga of the Burning Lands are tough. Not only are they extremely intelligent and skilled in every known weapon, but they have recently been taught magic by order of the Flaming Robe. In the last Mount Mox tournament season, the Flame Wizards really cleaned up.

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Tactical Overview

The Naga Fire Wizard is an interesting card with a blend of offense and defensive abilities while leaning harder into the defensive side.

At level 1 - With 1 Armor, 5 health, & the Shield Ability, the Naga Fire Wizard can absorb blows fairly well yet not enough to serve as a solid tank.

On the offensive end, 2 Magic Attack keeps this unit useful from the back of the line all the way up to front.

At level 5, gaining the thorns ability helps the Naga Fire Wizard not only absorb blows, but helps to punish those who would try and take this gal on.

However, everything comes at a cost. The 8 Mana cost to this card makes it much harder to put it to effective use - restricting it largely to use in high mana battles.

The most practical use I can envision for this card is toward the rear of your formation to help deal with Melee Sneak attacks while still being able to dole out effective attacks to press the offensive.

Naga Fire Wizard Stats

Battle Overview


Naga Fire Wizard Battle Ruleset.png

My Lineup:

Summoner: Pyre


Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Chain GolemFineas RageSerpentine Spy
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6
Creeping OozeNaga Fire WizardFurious chicken

My Lineup Description:

Normally I would choose to use Malric Inferno for a fire splinter summoner, in this case I went with Pyre in order to help shore up Naga's slow speed and give my team first mover advantage wherever possible.

The chain golem's solid attack, strong health & armor, and shield ability let it serve effectively on the front lines as a tank.

Fineas Rage works as a great number two with it's solid attack power, health, and reach ability - keeping it useful the entire game, even if it moves up to tank position.

Serpentine Spy has a solid attack power compared to the mana cost and placed within the middle of my lineup allows it to use it's opportunity ability and press the attack as long as it stays alive.

Creeping Ooze was thrown into the mix because I had chosen my other cards and was left with 1 mana to use. Given what I had available, doubling up my speed advantage by debuffing my opponent seemed the most useful compared to other cards that wouldn't have added much of an advantage.

Naga Fire Wizard took up the 5th position in order to help protect the rear of my lineup against sneak attacks while still being able to deal out damage with her Magic Attack.

Finally, the ol' faithful furious chicken is placed at the rear as a meat shield to bide a bit more time for Naga Fire Wizard in case of sneak attacks.

Full Lineup:

Naga Fire Wizard Battle.png

Link to Battle

Battle Debrief

What Happened?

My strategy worked in this case. The strong attack was able to deal with my oppenant's Living Lava tank and clean up the rest of the units nicely.

The units I threw in to absorb blows gave my more powerful units the time they needed to deal with the opponent effectively.

What Would I Do Differently?

I'm not sure I would still leverage Pyre if I ran this again. I would attempt the strategy with Marlic and see how it faired.

Final Opinion

While my strategy did end up working, I'm not sure how well it would play out in the long run. The high mana cost of the Naga Fire Wizard makes it tough to find the right time to use it.

For this battle I used peakmonsters.com to rent the Naga Fire Wizard. I will continue to test her usefulness before ultimately deciding if she's worth a permanent spot in my collection worthy of a full purchase.

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