Splinterlands Giveaway +10 Scrap #20

Welcome to my Splinterlands and Terracore giveaway. Daily I will draw a Splinterlands card and 10 SCRAP (Terracore token), there will be 2 winners per giveaway, one will receive the Splinterlands card and the other will receive the 10 SCRAP.

To participate in the giveaway you need to leave a comment on this post, remembering that I will post 1 giveaway daily so you need to leave the comment before the other giveaway is posted.

To select the winners I will use the tool: https://hivetools.up.railway.app/picker/

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based collectible card game. Collect digital assets, battle thousands of other players, and win crypto and other rewards!

Terracore is a Strategy Idle Game on the HIVE blockchain in development by crypt0gnome & asgarth. Can you build a thriving community and defend it from the dangers of TerraCore?

The Splinterlands card for today's giveaway is: Dhampir Stalker

Winners will be announced and prizes sent out in the next giveaway, good luck to everyone and I wish Splinterlands and Terracore a great future.

#19 Giveaway Winners

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