Claiming another 47 $GLX Tokens and 1.74 GLGT Tokens: Utilizing Splinterlands opportunities

Hello! welcome to #Hive Blockchain technology and #Splinterlands community which has various avenues for anyone to have multiple means of income by staking in either of its tokens ($SPS and $GLX). Splinterlands has investment more interesting especially the introduction of $GLX TOKEN. The introduction of #GLX token by the #GameFi platform, make #Splinterlands to witness a great in investment and the fastest growing token on #Hive blockchain.

Today, I'm sharing those benefits I got by utilizing splinterlands which happens to be one of the best community on #hive Blockchain technology with various avenue of investment including #Genesis League Goals packs to enjoy by play2earn just participating in the game. Also, the platform which offers it's members multiples way to maximize be making good profit by staking any of this token (GLX or SPS). One of the most interesting part #splinterlands team is by making investment more interesting when the introduction of the GLX token came onboard. Meanwhile, I understand an investment to be future consumption just by utilizing today's opportunity offered by Splinterlands community in this bear season.

I've grown from zero to something spectacular only by participating in GLX Stake which I started with 500GLX and my early #airdrop, the return on the Investment has grown over time, having staking 500 GLX token, I made my first claim of the reward of 27 GLX token which I re-staked and claimed the second reward return of 35 GLX token, and I did same, today of a hiver of over 826 GLX Stake in less than a month. Meanwhile, I've not giving up of dream becoming one of the topic stakeholder in GLX and a renounced investor in Splinterlands.

I wouldn't forgive myself I've missed this golden opportunity on Splinterlands. I've re-staked after claiming my accumulated 47 GLX tokens on returns and 1.74 GLGT Tokens making my total GLX tokens 836 on Stake. The secret of weather lies on how intentionally one is in investing today which means that the more you stake today, the more you earn amazing rewards tomorrow. The airdrop has offered a huge reward for me to claim. I have a different view of Hive Blockchain and Splinterlands community Splinterlands is a play-to-earn blockchain card game where players can collect NFT cards on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game puts emphasis on the collectible nature of card games while retaining the resale value of a physical card game and combining it with the convenience and speed of a digital one. It uses Splintershards as in-game currency, players can buy and trade cards with it.

I must appreciate great stakeholders who includes leo.voter, @steemmonsters, @arcange, @bdvoter, and many others for making Splinterlands community rewarding platform by encourage people to buy more of GLX tokens by earning $HBD from their upvotes. Thank you very much for being a part of my progress on Hive Blockchain technology by visiting my blog to read my posts. I really appreciate your effort of love. your comment is a way of motivation together with your upvotes. Thanks for being there for me. I'm @inibless.

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