777 GLX stake; Maximizing GLX TOKEN by staking now

Welcome to #Splinterlands community which has various avenues for anyone to have multiple means of income by staking in either of its tokens ($SPS and $GLX). Splinterlands has investment more interesting especially the introduction of $GLX TOKEN. The introduction of #GLX token by the #GameFi platform, make #Splinterlands to witness a great in investment and the fastest growing token on #Hive blockchain.

it's less than two weeks I started staking in GLX token, which I made a post of it. I started my GLX token investment with 500 GLX. I mistook GLX token to be as other tokens but to my greatest surprise, it turns out to be a unique token with great return on its stake. Surprisingly after few of staking on GLX token, I claimed 27 GLX liquid which I invested. Now is the time to maximize GLX token for better tomorrow. As a prospective investor, I utilize this golden opportunity offered by Splinterlands. I've reached 777 GLX stake in two weeks but my target is 5000 GLX token stake in one month.

The future will ever favor those who maximize today's opportunity, this is exactly what is going on in GLX stake,
the bear season is getting more exciting to the Hivers who has already begin to see the better side of the bear by making good moves towards in investing their hives today rather than giving up over a fall in hive price. Understanding how to maximize every changes in Hive Blockchain technology especially in bear season will enable anyone to take up investment decision during this period. I made staking in token my major responsibility during the bear season like this. The hive price is low which enable people to buy more of GLX token that is affordable with great returns in it's stake.

Today, I've staked yet another 245 GLX token to have 777 GLX stake while investment, aiming 5000 GLX stake in one month. Making good use of the bear season is having a financial through when there's a slice increase in hive price tomorrow. Splinterlands has made it so possible and easy because of its made up where one can also gain through quality content that attracts curators for good upvotes, it will interest you to that Splinterlands is a play-to-earn blockchain card game where players can collect NFT cards on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game puts emphasis on the collectible nature of card games while retaining the resale value of a physical card game and combining it with the convenience and speed of a digital one. It uses Splintershards as in-game currency, players can buy and trade cards with it.

Thank you very much for being a part of my progress on Hive Blockchain technology by visiting my blog to read my posts. I really appreciate your effort of love. your comment is a way of motivation together with your upvotes. Thanks for being there for me. I'm @inibless.

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