Weekly BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Challenge with Even Stevens

I always like this Even Stevens ruleset as in this ruleset monsters with even mana are used in battle. So I look into my card collection of different tribes and felt that in water tribe my even card monsters are strong. So for this battle I chose my water team. In this battle I chose strong opportunity monster at my back end so it could eliminate enemy's weak monsters first and could clear enemy's back line quickly.

Rulset: Even Stevens

Only monsters with even mana costs may be used in this battle and this rule does not apply to summoners.

So in this battle I only used monsters with even mana and hoped that I have some strong even monsters in my team. As in this battle Stampede ability also works so the Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.

The Strategy

In this battle challenge my strategy is very simple as I chose cards with even mana and I check my card collection and chose water team for this battle. As I think that in my water team I have some balance even mana cards combinations. So firstly I must choose a summoner which helps to increase my cards states so I chose water summoner Kelya Frendul as this summoner gives extra speed and shield to all friendly monsters. So for this Even Stevens ruleset it is a best choice. My enemy brought life monster GENERAL SLOAN which increased 1 ranged attack so this battle was life vs water summoners.

As I was using water summoner so I checked my water monsters cards and chose some high speed monsters with even mana and placed them carefully on different positions. As this battle was low mana 22 so my options to chose monsters cards were limited. In this battle for tank position my best choice was DJINN OSHANNUS with 5 speed and because of summoner its speed became 6. On 2nd position I used DEEPLURKER with extended speed 3 but high health 6. On 3rd position I used XENITH ARCHER with extended speed 2 and 1 ranged attack. On 4th position I used IGOR DARKSPEAR with extended speed 3 and 1 ranged attack. So in this battle my all hopes lied on my opportunity ability monster card DEEPLURKER. I hoped that my this monster would eliminate enemy back line quickly. I also hoped that my cards would not miss any attack and my enemy would not have any healer card. Thanks to my summoner my all monster cards got 1 extra shield which wasted some enemy attacks. So we discuss our today's battle lineup one by one in next section.

The Summoner

In this battle I used KELYA FRENDUL RARE Water Summoner as it gives extra speed and shield to all friendly monsters. This summoner is helpful in all ruleset and works well to increase speed so monsters attacks' first. Only in REVERSE SPEED ruleset did not use this summoner as in this battle low speed monster's attack first.

1st Slot - Tank Monster

In this battle I used DJINN OSHANNUS LEGENDARY Water Unit with 2 magic attack, 10 health, 1 shield and 6 speed. This card is level 1 and also have void ability so if enemy brings some magic attacks monsters it will reduce damage to half.

2nd Slot - 2nd Tank Card

On 2nd position I used DEEPLURKER COMMON Water Unit with 3 malee attack, 6 health, 1 shield and 3 speed. This card also has Opportunity ability which is very effected in this battle and hope it would not miss any attack.

3rd Slot - Ranged Attack Monster

On 3rd position I used XENITH ARCHER RARE Neutral Unit with 1 ranged attack, 2 health, 1 shield and 2 speed. This card is very helpful in low mana battels with only 2 mana.

4th Slot - Ranged Attack Monster

On 4th position I used IGOR DARKSPEAR EPIC Water Unit with 1 ranged attack, 4 health, 1 shield and 3 speed.


I think that I brought best team in this battle but my opponent brought a compact but balanced team with better choice of cards. Only card placement matters in this battle as I started with strong tank card but my opponent chose taunt ability tank card with tank healer.

In round one both teams stayed strong and no one lost any monster card. In this round my enemy healer card healed the tank card but my tank card suffered heavy damage.

In 2nd round I lost my tank card DJINN OSHANNUS and my enemy's tank healer and double strike ranged ability card worked well.

In 3rd round I lost my 2nd tank card DEEPLURKER and my enemy team monsters cards combination worked well and my enemy tank card was still standing strong.

In 4th round I lost ranged attack monster XENITH ARCHER and only left my last card and my enemy did not lose any card.

So in last and 5th round my enemy eliminated my last ranged attack monster IGOR DARKSPEAR and won this battle easily.


I think that I brought some descent team but only difference in this battle was a tank healer. If I could eliminate my enemy tank card then other two cards were not able to attack on 1st position as ranged attack monsters. My enemy also brought some massive ranged attack double strike ability card at back end. So this was a one sided match and I lost this match in 5th round. Lesson I learnt in this battle is that in low mana fights tank healer card must be included in team.

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