Hypothesis by holoz0r - How to get more SPS Staked for the Chaos Legion pre-sale

I would imagine this post could act as a sort of pre-emptive proposal for Splinterlands air drops and governance. Perhaps this could be a template for what to do in future (or what not to do in future). This post is speculative in nature, and I'm not a member of the Splinterlands team. Art appearing in this post is from game characters. Love the art. Love numbers also.



Hypothetical incentives to stake SPS for Chaos Legion Pre Sale.


It should be the goal of any pre-sale or incentive to stake SPS to increase the total amount of staked SPS so players can obtain a benefit from being a part of the eco-system. Thus, any offer involving staked SPS should take into account a number of factors.

TLDR: Work out the population of players in a given band, add a percentage more you'd like to see them stake. Make this the target.

Below you'll find the long, did read version.


The below numbers are entirely hypothetical. No real data has been polled from the blockchain or in game, other than a brief snapshot taken by my eyeballs as I gazed longily at the SPS management tab in game.

For any economy, there will be various groups which emerge. A real world example is salary ranges. We often see data split into ranges of $0-10k, $10k-20k, etc. For Staked SPS incentives for things like a presale, some data could be extracted in order to determine the number of people in each SPS tier.

Population of Users (%)SPS Staked (Range)Median Staked per user

These numbers are entirely imaginary, but we will use them as a starting point. If we wanted to see all users stake an additional 10% SPS, we could present an offer such as the following: (I've rounded these up for simplicity)

"Have the following SPS staked by x date to qualify for the Chaos Legions Pre Sale in the specified quanitiy:"

Population of Users ( %)Extra Amount to be StakedGateway for TierPacks Allowed in Pre Sale

“Show me the incentives and I will show you the outcome.” - Charlie Munger, economist guy.

If we wanted to see even more staked, you just change the percentage linked to "extra amount to be staked", while not changing the pack volumes allowed for purchase by the staking tier.

This would result in different outcomes for the tiers, for example, if there was a desire for 30% more SPS tokens to be staked.

Population of Users ( %)Median Staked per userExtra Amount to be StakedGateway for TierPacks Allowed in Pre Sale

Again, these numbers are entirely hypothetical

More modelling on such a method would require data about staking conditions and the liquid / staked balances of each user participating in the SPS staking mechanism and the splinterlands economy.

Not all players would want to purchase Chaos Legion pre-sale. Not all players would want to stake a large amount of SPS long term. There's many different potential variables involved, and this is just one possible way of approaching the magical numbers for whatever the staking requirements would be for SPS "special offers" such as the unannounced, upcoming Chaos Legion pre sale.

Again, I'm not a team member of Splinterlands, but I like playing with numbers. It's a bit of fun.

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