Amateur Mitica Headhunter Drawing 😆

Hello fellow splinterlands players,
Today, I tried to draw Mitica Headhunter from thought. hehe
It's been a long time since I've drawn, maybe like highschool? not that I was great back then but you know, It just doesn't feel the same before as it is now. 😅
Too short on time and too busy to pursue some of my passion, but nonetheless, I try to do these whenever i can haha

So yeah here's my amateur drawing 😁 :

Not too shabby I suppose, right? 😆
And no, I didn't forget the clothes. It was on purpose. The Mitica Headhunter that I imagined from my thoughts is tribal-like, strong and welp.. nude. 😆
Savage, Ruthless and Bold. that's a better description for Mitica, I think. As bold as he is nude, He will destroy you with his base damage of 4. 💪

Here's my sketch :

Then I add some color hehe


and of course a snazzy background 😊


That is all my friends 😄
Glad to share with you my artwork and stay tuned for more!! 🙂

Start playing splinterlands today!

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