Splinterlands Card Giveaway #11, winners of #10 and a Paid Raffle #2

Hello All,
Welcome to Splinterlands Giveaway #11 and Paid Raffle #2 with a chance to win Level 2 RARE Dragon card Naga Assassin and free giveaway with chance to win RARE Neutral Monster card Gargoya Devil or COMMON Water Monster card Pelacor Bandit. Check out the details below for each participation
Also added a Poll below, participants for which will receive a slice of PIZZA token

Paid Raffle

Card to be won Level 2 RARE Dragon card Naga Assassin

Lvl 2 Naga Assassin


  • To participate in paid raffle, you need to comment with your in game username and specify your payment method below then pay for the raffle ticket by one of below methods
  • Cost of Raffle ticket (that's right cost of the raffle ticket is less than 10% of the current market price of the card)
    • DECs : 30 DECs
    • Hive : 0.15 (liquid hive)
    • Pizza : 2.5 Pizza (liquid) tokens
  • Send the payment to h3m4n7, once I receive the payment I will reply to your comment with confirmation
  • Payment should be from same account which is participating
  • Note above ticket prices are fixed meaning these will not change during the period of raffle even if the market price of above changes
  • Max 3 tickets per user
  • Minimum 5 entries for raffle to happen (if raffle is canceled full cost will be refunded)
  • To determine winner this spin the wheel tool will be used
  • Players participating in paid raffle will be automatically eligible for below free giveaway too
  • All paid raffle participants will get 1 slice of Pizza token for free :)
  • Paid raffle will end at same time as free giveaway at next weekend

Giveaway #11

First prize : 1x RARE Neutral Monster card Gargoya Devil

Gargoya Devil

Second prize : 1x COMMON Water Monster card Pelacor Bandit

Pelacor Bandit

Giveaway Participation

  • Comment: You need to comment your Splinterlands username. No need to comment twice it is not going to get you extra entries and people who do this continuously will be removed from participation

  • Reblogs are not must for participation but will counted as +1 entry

  • Upvotes are appreciated but not must for participation and will neither be counted as extra entries

  • Participants will be automatically added to the ping list for next giveaway comment (see first comment below) if you do not want to be pinged please specify the same in your comment

Winner for giveaways will be picked up over the weekend and all entries before I close the giveaway will be valid.

Rules to claim prize (for winners of free giveaway)

  • To avoid sending the cards to Non-Human, Winners will need to acknowledge the winning within 48 hours of results by either commenting on winner announcement post or messaging me on Discord or twitter.
  • In case of non response from your side, it will be assumed you are not interested in receiving the prize


Q: Which is your favorite Chaos Legion card and Why?


Paid Raffle #1

EPIC Fire Monster card Lava Launcher goes to @rondonshneezy

Winner of Paid Raffle #1

Wheel can be found here

Card has been sent.

Prize Sent

Giveaway #10

First prize : Naga Assassin goes to @captainglondo , Congrats!

Second prize : Venari Heatsmith goes to @oniichaa , Congrats!

Winners of Giveaway #10

As mentioned in rules winners please acknowledge your winnings by posting a comment below or by contacting me on Discord or Twitter.


In addition for the new players to Splinterlands if you sign up with my referral link and complete the spellbook purchase, I will send you 75 DEC in game which should help you get started by renting some cards and building up your teams

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