Social Media Challenge - Grandmaster Rath underrated?

Grandmaster Rathe, the new Life legendary summoner, has been out for more than a week now and yet it was not common for me to see it being utilised in battle. According to Summoner Lab, its win rate in silver league seems to hover around 50% only. In this post, I like to show how good Rathe can be with the correct units in a silver league battle setup.

But first lets take a look at Grandmaster Rathe's stats:
Rathe gives units under him +1 Shield, turned all units shield to Void and Amplify all Thorn, Reflect and Return Fire damage. This makes his team very strong against magic attack as most of the time a magic team wins because it can directly hit the opponent health bypassing shield. But with Void, now the opposing magic attack has to clear the shield armor first.

Below is a battle against a magic where you see how Rathe's team shine.

The battle ruleset for the match is Armored Up and Reverse Speed with a 54 Mana limit restriction. Before entering the battle, I have guessed the opponent focus splinter is Earth as the last 5 battles have all been Earth lineup. On my side my focus is Life and I have been using Lorna or General Sloan summoner in my last 5 battles so there was no hint to the opponent I could be using Rathe in this battle.

Knowing that my opponent is likely to use Earth also means I am probably going to see a lot of magic attack units so this is the perfect match to test out Rathe.

SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Grandmaster Rathe6SummonerExpecting a magic attacking opponent lineup so Rathe's shield, void and amplify would be useful here.
Blinding Reflector31stLevel 5 Blinding Reflector has a Reflect Magic ability. This couple with Rathe's Void and Amplify made this cheap unit an terrifying tank suddenly!
Uriel the Purifier112ndSecondary tank when Blinding Reflector fell. It has immerse shield, health and can self heal but no reflecting magic ability.
Adelade Brightwing73rdIt has Resurrect and Repair both of which will help ensure the tanks stay alive longer.
Prismologist84thRange attack with Blast. First of my offensive backline.
Pelacor Arbalest65thRange attack with Double Strike. Another heavy hitter.
Sand Worm96thMy last heavy hitter. Trying to find a high mana hitter to fill up the mana.
Total Mana:50


Final Lineup looks like this. The opponent indeed went with a high magic team that is very slow to make use of the Reverse Speed ruleset. I, on the other hand, almost totally ignore the Reverse Speed ruleset as my aim was to use Magic Reflect to win the battle.

End of Round 1:
Within 1 round, the Blinding Reflector has killed off 2 of the opponent magic units just by reflecting back the magic attack. Not only that but the opponent main tank was also killed. Since when is a 3 mana unit so powerful???

End of Round 2:
Blinding Reflector proceed to kill off another magic unit again and finally got killed. But he was then quickly resurrected by BrightWing and proceed to kill off the last magic unit. LMAO!

Game over! And the Blinding Reflector survived. Didn't lose a single unit. Yeah! A single 3-mana unit killed off 4 opponent units single-handedly in a 54 mana fight! Crazy!

Full video of the fight can be view with this link:

The key strategy here is magic reflecting, repair and resurrecting. You can see how powerful Rathe is. It is strange to see Rathe's card price is so low now. If I have enough cash, I would be going for a max Rathe...

Hopefully this would help some of you in coming out with more interesting setups in using Rathe. Would like to see Rathe in more battles in future. Cheers!


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