Shark combo! - Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge! "Sabre Shark"


From Splinterlands and Unplash

Hi! In this post i show you the strategy that i was use in battle, and my opinion about the monster for this challenge.


Lore from Splinterlands

In the first position it faces "Living Magma" and "Initiate Kelp (GOLD)", this little newt doesn't attack but is extremely fast and has a good standard of living. It dodged very well in this battle and thanks to the healing crab, it was able to hold out until the end.


In second place, the first of the "Wave Runner (GOLD)" shark squadron that with its ability added to the condition of the battle and the support of "Sabre shark" was able to finish off the enemy's legendary wizard, before he managed to get more life out of our tank.


Thirdly, our crustacean king is in charge of healing the tank, so that the shark squad has time to finish off the enemies.


In fourth place "Ice pixie", this fairy was of great help, because thanks to the summoner's buff she became even more deadly, to the point that she weakened "Living Magma" quite a bit.


The enemy had an excellent wizard, which could have been a huge problem if our tank hadn't held out so long. The difference in levels was also noticed and this time I had a little more advantage.


The complete alineation was:

My rival of this ocation was @pioner8888 . If you want to see the replay click here. For information to join in this challenge click here.

Curious fact:

Shark hunting has caused its population to be extremely affected, in certain places its meat is appreciated even though it is not very healthy for human consumption. However, the big market is in the sale of its fins... Let's become aware today, lest tomorrow be too late...


My opinion about the card:

It is an excellent attacker, I liked it a lot and surely I have it now among my select team for the water splinter, reminds me of the "Serpetine Spy" only a little slower. It would be necessary to invest it a little so that it is even more profitable, but, by the little mana that it demands it is an excellent option for battles in which it is had little.

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