Splinterland Social Media Challenge - DJINN APPRENTICE

Hello Hive & Splinterland

This is my submission for splinterland social media challenge. This is my very first submission as recently I came to know about the game splinterland. Contest link here link

So I will be discussing about the monster card


This card has the following attributes to understand:

Element: Fire

Card Level: 6

Rarity: Rare

Foil: Regular

Edition: Chaos Legion

Attack type: Magic

Attack unit: 3

Ability: DeathBlow

Mana cost: 5

Speed: 3

Health: 5

Shield: 0

DJINN APPRENTICE as you can see by the looks of it is quite scary and somewhat looks like a devil straight from hell. And it has the element of hell as well the fire.

So DJINN was introduced in Chaos Legion edition, and by its look, it is a fierce warrior who can attack and deal a pretty good punch to the opponent team deck. Talking about the attributes DJINN has quite good speed and with that, it can really deal some good damage to the opponent even if they have a shield as DJINN have magic-type attack.

Talking about the speed DJINN is quite fast to attack with the speed of 3 units if we compare him with other rare types of monsters from the same edition it has an awesome speed.

After speed let's discuss about health, helath wise DJINN is not that good compared to monsters from the same edition I would say it is the lowest of all, but then why would I be choosing this monster to discuss is it because of what extra it provides other than health and that is his ability which I will be talking about in some time.

So now let's discuss about attack type and the mana cost, the attack type is also a reason to select this monster as it has a magic attack type which was not possible with the other monster for saem rarity and edition. And the mana cost is pretty much average only as all the cards from the same edition and rarity are nearby in the term of mana cost. The attack type is magic and the mana cost is 5 unit.

So now let's look into the stats of it, there is a total of 8 levels of DJINN, and with each level the health and estimated power increases. It's not just the health but the speed and attack units also increases. let me show you the stats table:

In the table above it is clear that DJINN has 8 levels and with each level the attack, speed and health, and BCX gradually increases. So for different foil, the BCX is different by the way BCX stands for Base card Experience it shows the level/amount of experience is required for moving on to the next level.

And it's not just the difference of BCX but the circulation also differs with the estimated power of the monster. With a range of 20 power on level 1st to 2,415 on level 8th in regular foil, and with a power of 500 on the 2nd level to 11,500 on the 8th level in gold foil. The circulation for regular foil is 102,562 and the gold foil has 7,822.

And with that on level 6th DJINN awakes his ability the DeathBlow. DJINN's ability is one of the reasons why you would be picking him up as the deathblow deals 2X damage if their target is the only monster left on the enemy deck.

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  • All the details and attribute of the monster men tioned above are with respect to the 6th level of the monster.
  • Text dividers are from freeztag.
  • The banner and card image are from @splinterlands.


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