Turbo wins the Battle in Reverse Speed.

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The first ting that rings in my head after noticing the the logo of the reverse speed is the Turbo movie which is a DreamWorks Animation where we watched a garden snail becoming a racer when we know a snail is normally so dull in speed. And we see in splinterlands, monsters with the lowest speed acts first in the reverse speed ruleset.

This is about my losing battle. I normally don't talk about my losing battles but I think I should be talking about them as well. With Reverse Speed in a brawl battle, I got a good result but couldn't win against the enemy team.

I'll be joining a challenge hosted by @splinterlands with this post and I'm linking the challenge link so that other peoples may know about it.

This time I got a battle with 33 mana and I went for it using Franz Ruffmane as the life summoner.



Here you can see both team where I've found a opponent with 6 cards against my 5 cards.

Battle Ruleset:

The battle ruleset has 33 mana cap.
Silenced Summoners: Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities.
Reverse Speed: Monsters with the lowest speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.

My chosen cards.
I chose life splinter with three life cards and two neutral cards where I used Franz Ruffmane as the summoner.

Franz RuffmaneSacred UnicornKralusZyrielFurious ChickenXenith Archer

The battle was dominated with revest speed ruleset where I should've choose monsters with the lowest speed but you know not every monsters with the lower speed is helpful enough and I had 33 mana as well so I tried to choose the best monsters with the least speed.

I normally don't play with life element and there were not many active elements so I had nothing to do but choosing this element and thus I got to connect with this element as well after choosing Sacred Unicorn for the first position that restores a third of max health to this unit's health each round using heal ability.

Then I chose Kralus for the second position who has double attack stats (melee+magic) and this monster is immune to negative stats and also has a 25% bonus chance of evading melee or ranged attacks from units who do not have the flying ability. This monster will do magic damage till reaches the first position and it'll do both damages upon reaching the first position.

I chose Zyriel for the third position which is a dual elemental monster I mean it can be used in both death and life element and its adjacent monsters gain half this monsters attack if they have no attack themselves and this monsters health increases each time it damages an enemy Unit's health by half the damage dealt. Then I chose Furious Chicken for the fourth and Xenith Archer for the fifth position.

Enemy's chosen cards.
The enemy chose death splinter with 4 death cards and 1 neutral card using Contessa L'ament as the Death summoner.

Mother KhalaShieldbearerTruthspeakerTime MageSola RanjellVenari CrystalsmithPelacor Arbalest

The lineup strategy of the enemy team was nice choosing some helpful monsters and we'll talk about them later below.

The Battle


So, the battle was dominated by reverse speed and summoners are also silenced from offering anything to the monsters for the silenced summoners ruleset.

Furious Chicken, the non attacker got two ranged attack stats from its adjacent monster Zyriel for the Weapons Training ability. Truthspeaker of the enemy team offered +2 armor to all my enemy monsters. And then Time Mage of the enemy team reduced the speed of two of my monsters by 1 using slow ability and I'd say using a monster with slow ability in a reverse speed battle is a great mistake.


I felt cool seeing Furious Chicken doing the first attack and that's with a two damage from the borrowed damage where Shieldbearer lost two armor. Then Xenith Archer and then Zyriel attacked and removed the rest armor of the enemy monster. And the enemy monster now did its turn and damaged two health of Sacred Unicorn.

After healing the lost health of thyself, Sacred Unicorn attacked Shieldbearer where the enemy monster lost three health. Then Pelacor Arbalest did a double attack on Sacred Unicorn where the friendly monster lost total four health. Sola Ranjell then first healed two health of Shieldbearer using tank heal ability and then it damaged one health of Sacred Unicorn and following this, two more enemy monsters attacked and killed the Unicorn.


After reaching the first position, Kralus started to wait for its turn to come as it'd do a double damage from now on. There Furious Chicken then Xenith Archer and then Zyriel attacked and damaged total six health of Shieldbearer where Zyriel got one increased health using life leech ability. Then Shieldbearer attacked Kralus where the friendly monster evaded the attack using flying ability.

Now next seven damages from the enemy monsters damaged the whole armor and some health of Kralus when two of them healed the health of Shieldbearer and the enemy monster got a hold on eight health again but Kralus did a good thing damaging three health of this enemy monster with the double damage.

Shieldbearer then died in the next round. Then the enemy team lost Truthspeaker and all enemy monsters lost the armor so it became easier for the friendly team to damage enemy monsters health. Kralus died and Zyriel became unable to attack from the first position. Only Furious Chicken and Xenith Archer were there and they were killed as well and thus I lost the battle when the enemy team still had three monsters alive. So, Turbo from the enemy team won the battle.


The next post about splinterlands will be coming soon.
Screenshots are my take from the game website. The thumbnail was made in Canva and the Turbo photo for the thumbnail was collected from here.


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