A Brawl Battle using Orella Abadon.

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This is about my winning match. Using Orella Abadon in a brawl battle, I got a good result of winning against the enemy team.

I'll be joining a battle challenge hosted by @splinterlands with this post and I'm linking the challenge link so that other peoples may know about it.
Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!


I got this card from a Gladius Pack that may attack from any position and will target the last monster on the enemy team instead of the first monster for having sneak ability and gets +1 to all stats every time this monster defeats an opponent for having bloodlust ability and it has good stats of 2 melee attack, 3 speed and 2 health in level 1 that increases in increased level.

This monster can only be used in a BRAWL battle and this monster is not transferable but only can be converted into DEC.

This time I got a battle with 23 mana and I went for it using Plado Emberstorm as the fire summoner.



Here you can see both team where I've found a opponent with 4 cards against my 6 cards.

Battle Ruleset:

The battle ruleset has 23 mana cap.
Melee Mayhem: Melee attack monsters can attack from any position.

Arena Tactics:

Host guild always wins when there's a draw. Host guild unites attack first in ties.
Kelya Frendul was banished from the visiting battle mage's roster. They could not use this character when creating a team.

Fray Limits:

I played in bronze league level caps where I could only use Alpha, Beta, Promo and Reward cards according to bronze league level caps.

My chosen cards.
I chose fire splinter with 5 fire cards and 1 neutral card where I used Plado Emberstorm as the summoner.

Plado EmberstormCerberusFineas RageKobold MinerOrella AbadonFire DemonFurious Chicken

Enemy's chosen cards.
The enemy chose earth splinter with 4 earth cards using Lyanna Natura as summoner.

Lyanna NaturaFlesh GolemQuora TowersheadWood NymphBrownie

The Battle


For the melee mayhem ruleset, any melee monsters can attack from any position from any team and I chose 4 melee attackers in different position although all my melee monsters could attack even without this ruleset from their position as one of them was at the first position, one of them had reach ability that allows the monster to attack from the second position on the team, and two others has the sneak ability that allows the monster to attack from any position but on certain opponents. The enemy team used 3 melee attackers and one of them was at the last position who couldn't attack without this ruleset so the enemy team kind of chose monsters taking the ruleset in the mind.

Plado Emberstorm gave +1 melee attacks to all 4 friendly melee attackers, +1 speed to all friendly monsters and reduced 1 health from all enemy monsters each. Lyanna Natura gave +1 health to all enemy monsters and Brownie gave +1 speed to all enemy monsters using swiftness ability.


Friendly teams Fineas Rage started attacking first and Flesh Golem of enemy team lost 3 health. Then Brownie attacked and killed a single health of Cerberus. And then Quora Towershead did a double attack with melee and magic and damaged 4 health of Cerberus and the friendly monster now had only 1 health. After Fire Demon attacked Flesh Golem, Cerberus used the heal ability to heal itself and then attacked the same enemy monster. Orella Abadon missed its first attack on Brownie although I don't see why this was a missed attack.

Then after Flesh Golem healed itself using heal ability, it attacked Cerberus. Then next thing happened was Wood Nymph of enemy team used its tank heal ability and healed their Flesh Golem and then attacked and killed the last health of Cerberus and the friendly monster died. Now Kobold Miner attacked and killed Brownie and all enemy monsters lost the extra speed they got from swiftness of Brownie.


There came a new round where Fineas Rage and Fire Demon damaged 5 health of Flesh Golem leaving the enemy monster with 3 health and the next attack happened from Orella Abadon but the attack didn't damage Flesh Golem as monster having sneak ability targets the last monster on the enemy team instead of the first monster. So Orella Abadon killed Wood Nymph and got +1 to all stats for having bloodlast ability. Quora Towershead then did a double attack on Fineas Rage but missed the melee attack, I don't know why. Now this could be the ending of Flesh Golem but Kobold Miner also had the sneak ability so it attacked Quora Towershead.

Flesh Golem got another chance of healing itself and then attacked Fineas Rage.


There came another round where Fineas Rage & Fire Demon damaged Flesh Golem again leaving the enemy monster with only 1 health. And after Orella Abadon attacked Quora Towershead, the enemy monster healed itself using heal ability and then did a double attack on Fineas Rage and missed the melee attack again without any proper reason.

Flesh Golem got its last chance of healing itself and then attacked Fineas Rage.


It was the final round where Flesh Golem should've died first according to the fighting patter as Fineas Rage & Fire Demon used to attack the enemy monster but this time after Fineas Rage attacked Flesh Golem, Orella Abadon now got to attack as it already got +speed from bloodlast. So Orella Abadon attacked and killed Quora Towershead and got +1 to all stats again. And now Fire Demon simply sent its last attack on Flesh Golem and this enemy monster died last and the friendly team won the battle keeping 5 monsters alive.


The next post about splinterlands will be coming soon.
Screenshots are my take from the game website.


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