A Battle using Legionnaire Alvar as the Tank.

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This is about my winning match. Using Legionnaire Alvar as the tank in a battle, I got a good result of winning against the enemy team.

I'll be joining a battle challenge hosted by @splinterlands with this post and I'm linking the challenge link so that other peoples may know about it.
Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!


It's lowest rental value was 6.211 DEC for a 1 BCX card for a day and I rented one in that price for two days.

I needed to pay 12.422 CREDITS for two days rental. I paid the CREDITS to bought the card.

And I needed to use my private active key to complete this transaction as any transaction in splinterlands requires private active key of master password.

This card offers me an ability from the beginning level and that ability impels magic attacks hit this monster's armor before its health.

This time I got a battle with 27 mana and I went for it.



Here you can see both team where I've found a opponent with 6 cards against my 6 cards.

Battle Ruleset:
The battle ruleset has 27 mana cap.
Standard: No modification to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.

My chosen cards.
I chose fore splinter with 3 fire cards and 3 neutral card and I used Yodin Zaku as summoner.

Yodin ZakuLegionnaire AlvarFurious ChickenFire BeetleLava SpiderLord of FireXenith Archer

Yodin Zaku offers +1 health and blast ability to all friendly monsters, +1 ranged attack to all friendly ranged attackers. Legionnaire Alvar impels magic attacks hit this monster's armor before its health for having void armor ability. Furious Chicken don't attack anyone as it doesn't have any kinds of attacks but it can be used in an empty spot as a bait.

Fire Beetle & Lava Spider both targets enemy monsters with ranged, magic, or no attack that are not in the first position for having snipe ability. Lord of Fire offers all friendly monsters increased health for having strengthen ability. Xenith Archer is a ranged attacker without having any special abilities.

Enemy's chosen cards.
The enemy chose earth splinter with 6 earth cards and the enemy team used Obsidian as summoner.

TarsaRadiated ScorcherScavo ChemistLiving LavaSerpentine SpyTenyii StrikerDjinn Apprentice

Tarsa offers +1 health to all its friendly team and +1 melee attack to all friendly melee attackers. Radiated Scorcher is a 1mana melee attacker without having any special abilities in the first level. Scavo Chemist removes all negative effects on the monster in the first position on the friendly team for having cleanse ability.

Living Lava reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks for having shield ability. Serpentine Spy may attack from any position and will target the enemy monster with the lowest health for having the opportunity ability. Tenyii Striker targets the last monster on the enemy team instead of the first monster for having sneak ability. Djinn Apprentice is a magic attacker without having any special abilities in the first level.

The Battle


4 friendly ranged attackers got +1 ranged attack each and all friendly monsters got +1 health and the blast ability for the Yodin Zaku summoner. 4 enemy melee attackers got +1 melee attack each and all enemy monsters got +1 health for the Tarsa summoner. Then all friendly monsters got +1 health each for strengthen ability of Lord of Fire.

Enemy teams Serpentine Spy started attacking first by knocking out friendly teams Furious Chicken as the chicken had the lowest health and the enemy monster attacks its opponent with the lowest health for having opportunity ability. Using Furious Chicken as a bait worked as it got a big hit at the beginning. Then enemy teams Djinn Apprentice hit Legionnaire Alvar's armor ignoring its health as the friendly monster had void armor ability that impels magic attacks hit this monster's armor before its health.

Then Lord of Fire hit first from the friendly team that killed 2 health of Radiated Scorcher & 1 health of Scavo Chemist. Then Friendly teams Lava Spider attacked Scavo Chemist and killed 2 health and the friendly monsters blast attacked two more enemy monsters where Radiated Scorcher was knocked out and Living Lava evaded the ranged attack for having shield ability. Then Fire Beetle attacked and killed 2 health of Djinn Apprentice & 1 health of Tenyii Striker. And Legionnaire Alvar then attacked and knocked out Scavo Chemist & Living Lava evaded the melee blast.

Tenyii Striker attacked and killed 3/4 health of Xenith Archer and the friendly monster then attacked Living Lava and the enemy monster lost 1 armor and the adjacent enemy monster lost 1 health as well. Living Lava then attacked for the first time and friendly teams Legionnaire Alvar lost 4 armor.

Serpentine Spy killed Xenith Archer, Lord of Fire killed Serpentine Spy, Lava Spider killed Djinn Apprentice in the next round. Then enemy teams Living Lava kept itself alive for next two rounds and killed friendly teams Legionnaire Alvar as well. Lord of Fire & Lava Spider then attacked and killed the last enemy monster.

And the game came to an ending when the friendly team still had three monsters intact.


The next post about splinterlands will be coming soon.
Screenshots are my take from the game website.


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