The monsters I own that got me to Gold League

Beautiful, aren't they?

Earth Splinter carried me to Gold League in Splinterlands without a problem almost all by itself. While I do have some Silver League cards from the Water Splinter, it's not that much compared to what Earth does for me. It has everything I need for a good battle against the average opponent: tanks, ninjas, heals, ranged damage and a big mana boss.

Screeching Vultureand Iza the Fanged are rentals, but I really do down everything else. Even the might Runemancer Florre, whom I've picked up to fill in the gap when matches allow spending over 40 mana. I wouldn't have gotten this far, this early in the season if it wasn't for her. Also, she's so pretty! I'm definitely upgrading her to level 2 as soon as I can. 2 BCX sit waiting for the third so they can combine.

I love using Venari Knifer as a tank. It's not super strong by itself, but it generally combos well with Venari Spellsmith, increashing Thorns damage with Amplify. It's also nice to have more mana for Opportunity monsters since my team compositions usually end up very aggressive. Sometimes I do slip in Mycelic Infantry, though, but it's very situational.

My cards are strong and suit a variety of situations. I'm almost Gold 2 today, right in the middle of the season as we still have 7 days left to climb the ranks. It's easy and I earn way more than rentals even without including daily and season chests, although I surrender some battles for not owning cards from other splinters besides Earth and Water.

As of late, I'm trying to get my Water Splinter updated, so I started by purchasing Diemonshark. A good tank is mandatory. I don't want to rent or buy Sea Monster when Diemonshark is arguably better and still being distributed, so buying it level 4 felt necessary.

Hopefully, I can get enough cards to easen up on rental feels for Brawl battles. Last time I joined a fray, I went 2 wins 4 losses, which is very bad. I have to make up for my guild as soon as possible. Hopefully you're all doing your best too and learning from your losses!

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