Should you buy Chaos Legion cards now?

Important Chaos Legion considerations

Chaos Legion is the current expansion of the Splinterlands crypto game, but the next expansion is coming soon. As a holder, a player and a collector, you might wonder if it's worth buying CL cards at all. They're at the lowest market prices they've ever been, so should you bother? After all, in case it's valuable, this might be the golden opportunity you don't want to miss.

First, one must take in consideration the game's history when deciding if something is worth purchasing. Splinterlands isn't new, so it's possible to look back at previous years. We can compare the current market and gameplay scenario to the days of old while we ask these questions:

  • Did older expansions reach an all-time low around the same time as Chaos Legion?

What's happening to Chaos Legion is also what happened to Untamed and Beta before it. Players slowly, but successfully, acquired most of the cards they could afford to get within the year that expansion was rolling out. By September or October, there was a big supply, since cards were still being distributed, but demand had fallen.

There wasn't any big new influx of players like when a new expansion is launched, either. A mini-set like the current Riftwatchers kept players hyped for it, but interest for the main set faded away for a while. Just like what's happening right now, so it's a very reasonable comparison.

  • Did older expansions perform well after their all-time lows for that year?

Cards have always had much lower prices while still being distributed when compared to after distribution is completed, except for when they've just been released, since competitive players want to take advantage of the newest strategies available as soon as possible in major cash tournaments.

A card's scarcity increases with age. The older Goblin Mech card used to sell for less than 1 cent each, but its price is 76 cents at the time this article is being written, because it's rarer and because there are more strategies available making it easier to use over time. Cards age well in Splinterlands.

  • Will cards carry value into the future like before?

In the short-term (~4 months), prices have picked up nearing the end of the year, as distribution is nearly completed. Everyone wants a bite of the turnover caused by FOMO.

In the long-term (~12 months), Chaos Legion cards remain important during next year's expansion. Modern ranked and tournament format only allows the current and previous expansion, so Untamed fades away. You've seen how expensive Untamed cards are today, despite costing as much as Chaos Legion does now. It's clear CL prices will rise very quickly.


If Untamed and Beta's historical examples follow through, this is the best possible time to pick up Chaos Legion cards. The end of the year looms closer, when everybody begins to worry about FOMO. The longer you wait, the higher the price you'll have to pay.

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