Restarting at Bronze for the new edition

Preparing for new Modern at the Bronze level

Starting fresh again on the Splinterlands battlefield, my current goal is to simply become a really good Modern player in the Bronze ranked ladder. However, I'm doing this despite not owning any Untamed Monsters or summoners. How far can I get after I've rented out my higher leveled cards from the Earth and water splinters?

The goal of this strategy is starting to learn how to play using only cards related to the upcoming Modern rotation, when Untamed will be left out entirely. I'm picking up 1 bcx of every epic card, 1 bcx of a few Legendary cards and level 3/2 commons/rares. A collection like this is easy to use in the new rotation, preparing myself to sell these same cards in a year from now.

While climbing out of Novice, the easiest combo I could find was Possibilus the Wise with Djinn Oshannus, Merdaali Guardian and Deeplurker. A high Health Oshannus being healed while Deeplurker attacked weak Monsters gave me easy wins regardless of what splinter my Novice opponent used.

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When I've reached Bronze level, I found out that the easiest way to win Basic to Basics matches is with Jacek the Conqueror. Stalling with a few Monsters at the front line lets high damage Magic and Ranged attackers steal the show. From now on, I'm always going to use Jacek in Back to Basics when it's available, as it's clearly the strongest Legendary Summoner I can use under this one rule.

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In 99 Mana matches, the combination of Djinn Oshannus and Wave Brood makes my team virtually unkillable. My frontline, Oshannus, won't be focused for a really long time, since my opponent has to kill Wave Brood first. Even Unicorn Mustang is no match against this survivability focused set up.

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Lastly, I got in a 15 Mana battle. How to make the most of it? I decided to try Astral Entity instead of the regular black Summoner. Cursed Windeku would get an attack and extra thorns damage if it got resurrected, but it also had a good chance to dodge attacks. I thought Life Sapper would be the best accompanying Monster for Cursed Windeku, because he's the one that's more likely to die, but his 2 Speed could net him an additional attack after reviving - draining health and then possibly surviving for a few more rounds. It worked perfectly.

That has been my experience so far using non-Rare Summoners. I'll add more as I gather experience in this purchasing & playing strategy that's going to last for an entire year. Keep up with me, like-minded average player!

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