A little help from an old timers' favorite, Wood Nymph


I dared myself to participate in the Splinterlands Art Contest. While I'm not much of an artist, I still felt proud of my entry - mostly for actually going through with it. As you can see, I'm much better using the right side of my brain instead. Paint.net was my tool for this sparkly piece of Wood Nymph. Do you think it's a bit on the comical site? It put a smile on my face, but I'm obviously biased here. Be nice when commenting, please!


Do you think I could have done better? Yeah, but my goal was drawing the wood nymph, which was exhausting enough on its own. I don't think 64x64 pixel art would be as welcome in the contest as this entry... Not sure... Maybe I'll try a pixel art entry next time. Would you like to see it? It would be something akin to Super Mario. Retro videogame like. It would probably turn out a bit better.

These are the steps taken:


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